Next steps

I talked with my RE today. He was super warm and wonderful, and now I am feeling encouraged again. He agreed with me that this round was just bad luck statistically. (It’s easy to forget that IVF just does not work 50% of the time.) He said that he sees no reason I cannot get pregnant but thinks that I have some “ovary issues”….hmmm, I have lazy ovaries. Is this a character failing or simply poor habit energy? Perhaps they are depressed or confused that they live in a lesbian??

Things my RE would like to be different next cycle:

  1. use no BCP since these quieted my ovaries too much.
  2. increase my estradiol from 1400 to around 2000 through the use of stims (Menopure).
  3. Increase my stims from 3 to 4 ampules per day.
  4. chart cycles from now until next attempt.

Things we will continue:

  1. Lupron starting on CD21.
  2. Metformin x3 daily.
  3. Manage stress (am I really do that?).

Things I want to add to next cycle: (darn internet makes us all think we are MDs)

  1. use low dose asprin again.
  2. take a broad spectrum antibiotic at the start of the cycle.
  3. lose 10 pounds– dr just said to eat low carb and exercise.

So it looks like our next try at having a baby will be in the end of January.


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  1. Danielle

    “Perhaps they are depressed or confused that they live in a lesbian??”I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard.I hope you don’t mind.I’m looking forward to following your blog and am so glad you’ve decided to write. Your insights will surely be wonderful and hopefully your words will help make you stronger for what lay ahead.Good luck.Dbug

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