baby plan B update

So what’s going on with our plan B?

I’ll begin with a little discussion of how HJ approaches the world, well perhaps attacks is a better word. She takes on any new task with a singular focus usually reserved for evil geniuses and maniacs— but mind you that the task has to be one she deems worthy of her absorption: computer tasks, teaching, yardwork, our dogs and certainly fertility issues. Housekeeping tasks need not apply.

So when we are trying to use my uterus, I am in control and she fully embraces her supportive role. She will let me talk about my hopes and fears, and she gracefully puts up with the shifting sands that are my moods. She is also a champ at creating schedules for medications, professionally administering injections and making cycling as fun and comfortable as possible…. she is really a peach!

However when we are trying to use her uterus, HJ’s focus kicks into a gear past overdrive. She is now obsessed with her own fertility. She read a book about taking charge of your fertility and she now keeps it with her as her field guide to life. She sets an early alarm and monitors her temperature (precisely at 5:30) every morning with the very expensive basal thermometer she insisted that we need. She also uses the really really expensive ovulation monitor every morning at 6:30. For the sake of getting the best “sample” possible, she sometimes keeps urine from an unexpected early bathroom break in a container until her 6:30 monitor schedule. Lastly she manually checks her CM for elasticity every day— be glad if you don’t know what that means!! Now after all the checks, they are entered into the database she uses from fertility software she bought. I see the point of all this but I truly don’t have that level of perfection in my being. Not to mention that I just could not take the endless obsessing about whether my tempature was to high or too low this day or that.

Which brings us to today! This morning HJ had to leave the house at 4 am to get to the airport for a conference. So we have had many many conversations about how she might not be able to catch a rise or drop in her basal temp since she was taking it so early this morning. Followed by a very disturbing discussion of how she would follow her ovulation this morning. My vote was simply to skip a day….. her solution was to gather her urine at 3:30 then travel with it in a container in a ziplock in her carry on bag through airport security! You’ll be happy to know that she and her urine made it to Boston and have tested successfully….yuck!

So I guess we are still gearing up for HJ to have an IUI in December.


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  1. Danielle

    I have tears in my eyes as I try to control my incredible need to burst into bellowing howls of laughter. You are very right, I AM happy to know that she and her ziplocked carry-on sample of urine made it to Boston – PHEW!!!!Ok, the question now is… How are earth do you change roles and become the supportive partner to such INSANITY! I know, thousands, if not millions of women reach this place somehow when trying to conceive… but seriously! Carry-on Pee to monitor ovulation of a lesbian… Did the doctors ask for all this? Or has she brought it upon herself to “Take Charge” of her Fertility… damn book…. great info, but OMG, it comes with such a high price…. I know, i was there…In regards to the comments of genius being reserved for evil and maniacs… also a gut buster for me…. Did you know I have a secret villain identity? Seriously… you may call me Evilyn Doom… Actually it’s Dutchess Evilyn Doom. It was something I escaped with a while back with some cycling friends. We all took on villain names and discussed plans on how we would take over the world… then I learned I should think bigger… like the Universe! Get her the book How to be a Villain ( it will make you laugh!So thanks for the friday entertainment!D

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