Potentially Pregnant

HJ got everything sorted out. She is staying with my brother while she has back to back IUI’s for 2 days. I am covering for her at her job— thus I can’t be with her :-(. She called me and our Dr Pal has completed the 1st try. HJ also said that Dr. Pal was super-excited about the number and activity level of the little swimmers we bought! HJ is scheduled for the second IUI tomorrow and she said that the whole thing was not too bad. This whole process feels surreal. Can it really be that in 2 weeks, we may be expecting a child?? HJ and I are good at waiting hopefully…. but actually knowing that we have a good shot of being moms?? THAT will be a new feeling!

I am going to buy some First Response home pregnancy tests this afternoon then I just have to talk HJ into taking them starting in 1 week.

A few musings on irony: Irony dictates that this IUI will work for the following reasons.
1- I want to be pregnant. HJ just wants the child part.
2- We have spent in excess of $30,000 on my uterus and just $1000 on hers.
3- We decided to try this IUI on a whim– spur of the moment.
4- I have gone to 3 renown Reproductive Endocrinologists— no baby. She is seeing a friend I used to get drunk with! (Who IS an OBGYN)
5- We have talked about several reasons we would like to pass along my genetics rather than HJ’s.
6- It will be much easier with my job to take off for prenatal appointments and to take FMLA time…. much harder with HJ’s profession.
7- HJ has to do this IUI without me there— I won’t even be present when our child is conceived!
8-The universe has a wicked sense of humor!


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