A good sign?

So today HJ found some pink on the tp…. I am just sure this is implantation bleeding and I am very excited. However, she is both excited and now a bit nervous. She has been asking me to do a million little tasks, fluttering her eyelashes and say, “Please I might be pregnant?!” This is so cute that I cannot resist doing whatever she asks. But now that she has seen the pink, this is getting more real for her. She might actually carry our child!! I am surprisingly excited and she is wigging out.

If she is pregnant, this is the perfect weekend for it to happen. The weather is bright and sunny with a bit of a nip in the air. HJ and I have completed the most mundane tasks of shopping, house-cleaning and yard work. We have also visited with friends and snuggled alot. Surely this is how lives should be started.


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  1. Dagny

    hehee@DP for eyelash fluttering!!! Sneak! ;)I hope for you both that this is it. :DAnd of course I’ll be stalking!xoxo

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