another good sign

Hj’s temperature was a degree higher than normal today!! For those of you thinking “So…?,” a raised temp is sometimes an indication that your body is exerting extra energy for a pregnancy.

Okay. okay, I know that I am grasping at straws here and HJ keeps telling me not to get so excited until we know more. But dang it, I am excited and I really really need this attempt to work. A year of failure (sorry to those of you who have endured more than that!) is wearing on my optimistic streak. I see pregnant women and babies everywhere and I am ready for it to be our turn….. I am beginning to feel as though my ovaries are old and shrivelled… and that I will never carry a child. So if HJ’s white trash genes can give us a child then, yee haw, bring it on! LOL


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  1. Danielle

    White trash genes… made me totally think tapped acid wash jeans!Things seem to be progressing well and it looks like you’re falling into the role of supportive partner amazingly well.I too hope this works for you both.Best of luckD

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