Is this a symptom?

The crazy woman is back and she is living in my house!

Today is 8 days past IUI and HJ is emotional…. I mean REALLY emotional. She’s angry easily followed by utterly remorseful. She’s irritable followed by optimistic. She cried because I found a potential home for Barney… no pressure just a thought (Come on he IS a foster dog!). She ended up sniping at her student then apologizing after class. If this is a pg symptom then Katy bar the door! It’s gonna be a loooooonnnnngggg 9 months! I have to be uber careful not to offend her at the moment and I am trying not to take her mood swings personally. This is not her normal personality. Perhaps the stress of the 2ww is wearing on her….or could it be new hormones?

We have the FR hpt and I have talked HJ into using one tomorrow. We have 2 others in case the 1st one is negative. I think I am getting nervous. I still want this to work.

If it is positive, does anyone know of anything emotionally calming that preggo women can do?



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3 responses to “Is this a symptom?

  1. Danielle

    Refresh my brains… was this IUI medicated? It could be the aftermath of the drugs… or it could be her hormones kicking in. It happens to the best of us…Personally though, I would take it as something promising. You know that darn Murphy and his law. You called him on it at the very beginning… $30,000 for you and one kick at the can for her…. Hope you’re ready to be a Mommy!D

  2. cindyhoo2

    LOL– so true. Yes, she did take Cl.mid so this could be post medication side effects. good thinking. But then again, the force is strong with Murphy (to mix some metaphors)!

  3. Dagny

    OHHH!!Well I hope it’s preggo related!!Sorry I have no tips for you though, you’ll just have to hang on and try to enjoy the ride!! heh. ;)xoxo

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