It kinda sucks to be me

HJ tested again this morning and the results were another BFN. Grrrrr. I am to the point that holding out hope for this cycle feels a bit silly.

So HJ and I went to a large nearby city for a lovely day. We went shopping at a natural foods store. We went to see Avenue Q then we had dinner with friends. I drank 2 pommegranate martinis– which will likely prove to be a bad plan tomorrow. The play (Avenue Q) was sooooo funny. The South is pretty conservative but everyone responded super-positive to the show. I guess those of us who are not conservative have to get together at times! If you haven’t seen the show, go ASAP! Soooo funny. My apologies if a am a bit loopy right now. 🙂


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One response to “It kinda sucks to be me

  1. Dagny

    Bummer. Sorry about the bfn, but glad you had a nice time out!!xoxo

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