So I voted today….

I went to the old creaky gymnasium at the end of my block to cast my vote. They opened the polls at 9 AM and we had to wait in line for a while. Most of the people around me were talking about McPalin and feeling very smug. They said things like “Everyone I know is gonna vote for them.” My thought “No kidding— you really surround yourself only with like-minded a-holes?! What a surprise!” So then I searched the crowd for other interlopers– secret Democrats in the land of the red. I think I found a few but I’ll never know. The whole thing was pretty uneventful and I was feeling encouraged.

Then I left….. as I was leaving the gym, some Republican zealots had set up shop just beyond the 100 feet mark. They had signs that said “Vote against abortion, Vote McCain!” and my favorite, “Vote against same sex marriage, vote McCain!”

What!? Really… I was super-tempted to point out that yesterday Obama said that he also does not support same-sex marriage (but that he also sees no need for a federal amendment against it). Then I realized that I would have to talk to this strange woman in the sequinned red white and blue bonnet (think Little House on the Prairie meets Bobby Trendy) so I held my tongue. Then the crazy woman ran up to me and shook the sign in my face.

My response? “You’re a little too late since I just LEFT the poll.”

Her response, “Oh.”

The south is a funny place!

Speaking of red states: AF came to visit HJ today…. oh well.



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2 responses to “So I voted today….

  1. Dagny

    Yeah, true enough. But he is for all rights etc, so I’ll cut him a bit of slack. I bet he said it the way he did to catch those few on the fringe that somehow would be swayed by that…Seriously dude, I don’t get why anyone cares what another person does. It does NOT make sense to me. At. ALL.I’m really sorry that you both have to deal with that. I wish the world was sane. I wish people would just care about one another.WOOT for your vote!!!!!xoxoI’m a little pissed at Barack for you right now, but I have to believe he was told to say that to get those ‘on the fence’ people at your expense.

  2. Dagny

    hehe, and not sure why that posted the end part twice…LOL. ;)Sorry bout that!!!

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