This has been a lovely weekend– so much so that I have not blogged every day and will miss that mark for the month. HJ and I had friends over for dinner Friday night. Then we went football tail-gaiting on Saturday followed by having a different set of freinds over that night. Jules and Ashton brought movies with them– 2 of which were beyond awful!! However the last movie was a total chick flick… PS I Love You was the movie. I cried throughout the whole thing as it was about a young woman whose husband died and sent love letters for her to find the year following his death. The film sounds like an utter downer but it was strangely uplifting. I ended the movie feeling blessed to have found my soul-mate and to be allowed to share my life with her.

I am working on changing my attitude. I want to feel complete in my life so that a baby will simply be icing on the cake….. still working on that one. 🙂


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  1. Dagny

    oh man, that movie would kill me right now, I can’t seem to stop crying over nothing…hehee.I’m glad you had a nice weekend. :)xoxoxox

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