I don’t want to leave the house

Today is cold and rainy– same as the past 2 days— and I am having some difficulty making myself face the “real world.”

I am sitting on my couch, completely dressed and made up for work. But I lack the motivation to leave. I am so warm and cozy. My house is clean and the feeling here is all comfy. I know that when I go to work, my office will be cold. My employees will need my help and input with their cases. I will have my own supervisors to deal with, and basically, I will have responsibilities.

I think the real issue is that I had a lovely dream last night. I dreamed that I was holding a newborn baby girl and she was mine!!! I felt so content and joyful and I woke up in the best mood. Even now, I have access to some of the feelings and images from my dream, and these memories are like a hug from someone I really love. I know that when I leave the house, the dream will fade. My real life will crowd in and I won’t be able to visualize the face from my dream or feel her warm, alive little body in my arms.

So opinions…. do you think dreams are a way of accessing someone/something greater than ourselves to give us hope or glimpses of the future? Or are dreams simply our way of letting our own subconscious’s run wild?

Okay, it is now 9 AM and I really cannot avoid my life any longer… sigh.


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  1. Dagny

    I think of mine as my sub working the turkey through as it were. šŸ˜‰ But it could b e more too. After my Dad died i had dreams. Dreams where he was there, and I knew he was dead, but he didn’t yet. We would have lunch, and he’d order 2 fingers of scotch. And then I’d wake up….I miss him so much, and I’d like to think that it was him really visiting me.Have a good day at work!!!!xoxo

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