It’s official

My brother and I had a very intense discussion via email today about him being the donor for HJ’s IUIs. I wanted to ‘talk’ with him that way to allow him the ability to voice concerns and back out without feeling pressured. He was totally wonderful and expressed that he didn’t want us to feel pressured to use him. I feel very peaceful about this idea. Here are my reasons:
1-My brother has no children and is not married so I like the idea that he would be connected to a child.
2- I love the idea that HJ will be able to have a baby that shares some of my genetic make-up.
3- Let’s face it. Brother is cheaper than sperm bank. 🙂

So now we have brother’s swimmers tested and we wait for December’s cycle.

Oh, another set of friends just told us that they are expecting…. the breeders are everywhere. I wanna join in!


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  1. Danielle

    Hooray! I think that is the coolest thing ever!D

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