I have not posted much in the past few days as life has been pretty normal… good but generally uneventful. Let me just say that today has been different from every day that came before it.

HJ and I slept in until 9:00 then we met some friends at a local restaurant for lunch… lovely relaxed morning. The friends we met happened to be a married couple in their 20’s who are expecting a child. Not long ago they offered to donate to our les-baby-making efforts. At that point we were not sure about their seriousness and really thought we had everything covered. However as times passes and the bank account wanes, we find ourselves open to less high-tech efforts.

Now that wifey is pregnant, she feels that she could share the wealth of swimmers from their house to ours. Husband is also very laid back and has offered for some time to donate, pending wifey’s permission…. which I can totally understand. HJ and husband have been close palas for some time and wifey and I have certainly grown on one another.

So back to the present… today as we ate our very large lunches, the topic of donation came up again. Oh, and did I forget to mention that HJ got the egg symbol on the fertility monitor today?? So after lunch, we do some shopping then we all head back to our house to watch a football game on tv. I make some soup for dinner and we have a nice afternoon. Then we all have a serious talk about “donation” and we all come to the place where we say– “let’s just give it a whirl!” So at the end of the evening, hubby goes into our bedroom and watched our *ahem* adult entertainment for inspiration then he leaves a ‘donation’ in a cup by the sink.

Friends leave quickly and I perform a home insemination with HJ!! Seriously, we did this thing. HJ’s butt propped up on pillows, legs in the air: me between her legs with a syringe full of ‘donated material’. Then I wash the “collection cup” and throw away the needle-less syringe. I can’t believe that my life and this day has taken the turn it has. From about mid-afternoon on, I have been hearing “WTF, WTF, WTF” as the repeating refrain in my head.

Tomorrow we will be going over to his house in the afternoon for a second “donation.” We were not even planning to try this month but when HJ got her EWCM and the eggs, she started wishing. For Pete’s sake, we have had the plans to meet with our friends for 2 weeks! How could the timing have worked out this way? And how could we have ended up with hubby and wifey donating and us doing a home insem??? This is so weird for me.

So if this month works… great. And if not then we will use my brother for HJ— assuming that all his tests are fine. If my brother’s tests show less than adequate swimmers— then I suppose we will continue to use our married friend. Holy Sh*t!



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2 responses to “Les-baby-making

  1. Travelher and Pufferfish

    That–is an incredible day! I wish we knew some married friends like that!

  2. Danielle

    Wow! Will your brother care if this works and he doesn’t end up in the loop?Also, I’m a little confused by the whole ‘home insemination process’. Sorry… potentially too much information to come, but I thought I should ask regardless.It was my understanding that one goes through the whole sperm washing and IUI because it is extremely dangerous if the swim team doesn’t head through the cervical showers first before hitting the pool. Because it’s the cervical showers that wash away all the semen before the pool and it’s the semen that can cause serious infection.Also… a note that may add some fun into the whole process…. it’s my understanding that it’s ideal to climax at the simultaneously with the deposit as it causes all the necessary parts to contract and help the swimmers along.Best of luck on your new adventure.:)D

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