Turkey baster– not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

Okay, so we didn’t actually use a turkey baster but the approach was only slightly more high tech.

Tonight our known donor invited us to his home between his his day and evening engagements. We were all way more relaxed tonight and the whole event came off without a hitch!

Here’s the short play by play:
1) Known donor comes home and we meet him at his house
2) KD changes into a t-shirt that says Big Daddy and we all laugh.
3) He briefly disappears into the guest bedroom while HJ, wifey and I watch Everybody Loves Raymond (which I don’t like).
4) KD emerges looking proud!
5) HJ and I use the bedroom to do our part while KD and wifey watch Everybody Loves Raymond. (BTW: “the donation” is just a gross as I recall from college days!)
6) We emerge giggling after 30 minutes.
7) Wifey makes a note that we should return tomorrow for another insemination to “optimize the ovulation.”
8) We all give hugs and say “Good-bye.”

Really I cannot say enough nice things about Known Donor and wifey. They are earning such good karma.

As we are driving home, I look at HJ and say, “So do you FEEL pregnant yet?”
She says dryly, “That’s not even funny and I’m not taking a pregnancy test until 14 days this time.”

So there you have it. The totally odd has now become mundane. Hopefully letting go of expectations will result in less emotional stress… fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “Turkey baster– not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

  1. Dagny

    That is so very cool!!I love that you get dna from your side, kick ass. :DI’ll be keeping everything crossed for you guys!!!!!xoxoxo

  2. Dagny

    holy crap…LOL, just caught up on that story!! Crazy!! And crazy cool none the less! Swim swimmers swim!!!

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