Update on this cycle

It occurred to me that I have not actually mentioned anything about HJ’s 2ww since we tried the inseminations. Well, there really is not alot to say.

She is not on progesterone so she has not one single pregnancy sign: zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Of course we are not surprised. It sort of hit me out of the blue today that we can test in less than 1 week….maybe we will and maybe we will just see if she starts her period. This whole cycle has been uber low key… no stress but also no high hopes. Truly I am not pessimistic– just realistic.

Okay, my secret day dream for this 2ww: I replay the look HJ will have on her face when day 15 arrives and AF does not. I imagine us driving to the drug store and buying a FRER test, and we giggle and hold hands all the way home. Then she takes the test and we watch as 2 pink lines practically jump from the little window. We squeal, hug and jump around…. then HJ begins to look dazed. We cannot contain ourselves so we call Big Daddy (our known donor) and tell him the news. He and HJ laugh heartily at how virile he is (getting 2 women preggers on the 1st attempt). Of course, I come blog about the BFP immediately as HJ calls to cancel the IUI we have scheduled in December.

It’s a silly dream but it makes me smile every time!


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  1. Dagny

    *sniff*Damn hormones, you made me cry!!!And what a lovely dream, I hope for you both so very badly that you get to live it, and soon.xoxoxoxo

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