superstitious much?

Today I went to the local grocery/everything store. I bought a tons of things to get HJ and I through the holiday at my parents house. I was walking through the feminine goods aisle before I left. I bought some tampons (yes, unbleached cotton) and I also planned to pick up a hpt. Then I froze and could not put the FRER into my cart. My mind went into overdrive thinking that if I bought the test, I would want HJ to take it and this 2ww would be over. So I decided that if I did not buy the hpt but I did buy the tampons then murphey’s law would make her NOT start a period and NEED a hpt. So I left the area feeling satisfied with my cleverness.

Now as I am home and putting the groceries away, I realize that I may have come slightly unhinged!



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2 responses to “superstitious much?

  1. Dagny

    heh,I have bought tampons for the exact same reason.And do you know that I have NOT purchased any HPT’s for this ivf round? yeah, de nile, not just a river…LMAOxoxo

  2. Danielle

    LOL!! Been there, done that. Murphy and I have perfected a little dance we do on such occasions. Let’s just say there’s lots of glaring from across the room as we each try to figure out what the next move will be.Good luckD

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