holiday season

The funk I was in has now left me (yay) and I am feeling like myself again. The house has taken giant stetps forward in terms of Christmas decor and that makes me happy. Although why I decided to buy a 9 foot tree is simply beyond me. It’s a beautiful tree but it covers a significant portion of the living room. I love the ornaments and take my time removing each one from their box, where I carefully wrap each one in paper when I put them away. So every ornament feels like a present when we are decorating the tree. Then I very carefully arrange each ornament on the tree in terms of color, size and location. HJ is always so confused about why this takes takes me HOURS but I refuse to be rushed. Sometimes I even stop mid-decorating to have some hot tea and look at what I have accomplished thus far. I love this process! And it reminds me of how I live my life when I am the happiest: taking each moment as it comes and celebrating each drop of goodness and joy it has to offer. Not deploring what is wrong or missing and not hurrying through the good parts so fast that I miss them. Sometimes a simple thing can return us to ourselves and act as a meditation– which reminds me that I am not spending enough time on my mat.



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  1. Dagny

    Oh, I would like to see pics once you are done your masterpiece!!oxoxoxo

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