12:30 AM

Okay, so I cannot sleep— again. I have no idea why my body will not just let me FALL ASLEEP. I lie there in my very warm and cozy bed with my cuddly partner and sweet puppies, yet sleep eludes me.

Bed = sleep number (on 40)
Pillow = special neck support
Comforter = down
Ambiance = very dark
Temperature of the house = 68 degrees- perfect for sleeping
Mood before Bed = calm and happy

All signs point to me sleeping happily— like everyone else in the house. Yet every time I near sleep, I jolt awake with some mundane task I have not completed….. really, who cares that the dishwasher is filled with clean dishes yet to be put away?! I’ve considered drugs…. like Ben.adryl, but I cannot get out of bed in the morning when I take one. So dum de dum…. here I am again.

By the way, HJ’s cycle seems to be on schedule. She has taken all the evil Clomid and is getting a small rise in temp and the fertility monitor bumped up a notch today. If all goes well, she will get an ultrasound on Friday and get inseminated on Sunday and Monday…. happy days!


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  1. Travelher and Pufferfish

    Maybe you’ve already tried this…but meditation? Before bed? Or even when you find yourself tossing and turning? Helps me.Seems like there are a LOT of us who are going to be sharing part of the TWW together.I hope HJ’s IUI goes well.

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