I’m back!

Back from the funeral in KY. The ceremony was extremely touching and a wonderful way to say good-bye to my uncle. He was an amazing man. The moments that touched me the most were when his wife and 2 daughters said good-bye to him. How does a person even begin to know how to live without her soulmate of 50 years? I worry for my aunt who I know will be utterly lost without him.

On a more life affirming note, HJ did have her IUI done yesterday… only a single IUI this time. HJ could not stay for another IUI this morning and neither could our donor. Hopefully 1 IUI will do the trick! I did get to see Big Daddy’s swimmers under the microscope though— which was way cool. The swim team was very active and appeared well-populated! Also since Dr Pal did not have any *inspirational material* at her office… HJ and I had an advance trip to the adult bookstore Friday evening. We looked at various sections and would hold up titles and say things like, “Do you think Big Daddy is into girl on girl action?” and “Do you imagine that he like large breasts because his wife doesn’t really have them?” Somewhere along the way we gathered up a fellow shopper and a well-pierced employee. The 4 of us made a couple of selections. It appears that we did an adequate job because Big Daddy did seem inspired at the doctor’s office. 🙂 So now we wait…..

Oh and I am officially sick! I am a disgusting mass of nose-blowing, coughing, stomach irritation and self-pity. Periodically I whine and require HJ to look at me and say, “Ahhhh honey. I’m so sorry you don’t feel well.” She also makes me soup and brings me hot tea. She’s a keeper!



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2 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Danielle

    I didn’t realize I was contagious, sorry for the early snot present. Hope yours isn’t as gross as mine was.Wishing you all a xmas miracle. I’m betting it would be as touching a gift to Big Daddy and Wifey as it would to you.D

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