Like an egg…

I am pretty sure that we are going to crack and hpt before the 27th! HJ’s bbs have that off and on sore thing happening and she is really sleepy today (not her normal self). She has some changes in CM and her BBT seems a little high. We are totally obsessing about this attempt– not sure why on that one. We have even made plans to go get another hpt supply from the big box store. It’s a sickness I say!

Gotta stop thinking about this and get my house ready for company! HJ and I leave for my parents house tomorrow morning then we will return on the 26th (HJ’s birthday). We then have friends coming to stay with us on the 27th- 30th. So the deep cleaning needs to happen now! Perhaps I will reward myself with Thai food if I actually complete all the tasks on my list. Or maybe the housekeeping fairy will come visit me??


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  1. A

    There is always a huge urge to test early. I hope you get a BFP! I’ll keep FX for you. Have a great Christmas and Happy Birthday to HJ.

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