Good-bye 2008

I have been wracking my brain for end-of-the-year words of wisdom or lessons learned…. and I got nothin’ folks! Not that I am ever a serious guru for all things wise, witty and mythical but especially today, I am drawing a serious blank.

My girl and I are hanging at home despite receiving a few party invitations and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves…. country style! We have enjoyed beer, pizza and our hot tub. Now we are playing with the dogs and watching the ball drop. Wild times!

To everyone I have met in cyberland this year– thank you. You have reminded me that we are not alone in this whole TTC process and the miscarriage. I have enjoyed everyone’s highs and funny stories and connected with the sad ones as well. And all your comments on my blog have meant so much to me. May we all have our hearts fondest desires in 2009.


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  1. anofferingoflove

    “May we all have our hearts fondest desires in 2009.”AMEN. Hope ’09 treats you a hellva lot better than ’08. Happy New Year!

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