IVF #3

After much internet searching, I finally just called my RE to ask about my cycle schedule.

CD1- call clinic (around Jan 9)
CD3- blood work and a visit with “the wand”
CD21- start Lupron injections
Next CD1/ after 12 injections (perhaps Feb 4)- call RE
CD3- next visit for blood work and the wand
start stims around Feb 7– Then the real fun begins!!
Trigger Feb 14
Egg Retrieval- Feb 17
Embryo Transfer- Feb 20

Of course all these dates are subject to change but I feel better having an idea of my next steps.

Unfortunately it does not look like HJ will be able to try this month. Our donor has plans around the time HJ should be ovulating and I just cannot seem to talk her into doing an IUI with donor sperm this month. Grr, I suppose I would be more annoyed if the IVF were not coming so soon. Of course, (as is her pattern) she may also change her mind as her ovulation nears!

Several people have asked me if HJ and I are trying to get pregnant at the same time. To be honest, that used to be a big worry and concern for me as well. But now the thought that both of us will get pregnant is so implausible that I don’t even spend time with that thought anymore. If we were to get pregnant at the same time, I would be thrilled with the built in siblings. But I also know that HJ seriously sees herself as the back-up plan: if I get pregnant with this IVF, she is completely out of the baby making business.



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4 responses to “IVF #3

  1. anofferingoflove

    i LOVE having a plan! my partner is going to start ttc again in the next few months. the chance of having two babies seems so remote, im not worried either… it’s good to have company doing the same thing! 🙂

  2. A

    I’m like you…I want to know what to expect and when. I wish you all be luck with IVF #3. My FX for you.

  3. okseriouslyreally

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Yay for plans! Here’s hoping it is infallible!Jill

  4. Danielle

    Best of luck my dear… we’ll be on similar schedules. I’ll just skip the first half of your protocol and be going straight to the stims… I’m expecting AF on the 10th.Crazy…. here we go again!D

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