RL rushes in

I could say that 2009 is not off to a stellar start at this point but I choose to see it differently.

1) I awoke with a violent stomach flu on New Years Day. But that has passed and now my jeans fit better.

2) My father had a heart attack Friday. But the heart specialist said that it was a “medium sized” attack and he was able to open 1 artery and will do another in 10 days. I am thankful that my father is doing well and will leave the hospital today. His color is even better than it was at Christmas.

3) My best friend Ashton called last night and reported that his wife Jem is no longer in love with him and wants a divorce. (Not sure how to positive spin this one except to say that I am thankful every day that HJ and I remain very much in love.)

I have decided that I simply do not believe in “omens” for the year. Case in point, 2008 started off on a high filled with tons of meaning then pretty much ended as one of my least happy times (definitely in the bottom 3 years anyway). So I have decided that having 2009 start with rather crappy stuff is a GOOD thing as all my bad luck will be out of the way before I start my IVF….. sounds promising…..doesn’t it?



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2 responses to “RL rushes in

  1. A

    I’m sorry about the rough start, but I’m so glad your Dad is doing well and you are feeling better. It’s good to see the positive. That is very hard to do sometimes.

  2. anofferingoflove

    what a great way to get all the crappy stuff over with — by piling it all on at the begining of the year! now you can enjoy the *good* for the rest of ’09. glad to hear your father is recovering well.

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