Mix and match

I have about 25 matchless socks. I have too many dogs due to my love’s affection for lost animals. I have 2 sets of wine glasses and a “mix and match” set that I only bring out with close friends. I have an enormous stockpile of OPKs and a smaller selection of hpts. I even have a large selection of fertility drugs….. what I DO NOT have is easy access to sperm.

Our donor says that he is having scheduling issues this month and is unlikely to be free on any of the days my partner will actually be ovulating. Of course we can order sperm from the bank and do an IUI but we all know how expensive that is month after month! We were really hoping to afford the larger expenses during the month that I am doing my IVF cycle.

Oh well, I suppose we will suck it up, pay for the sperm and do the IUI this month. I just hope Big Daddy is not already growing tired of his part in creating this family.



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2 responses to “Mix and match

  1. A

    It must be hard to have a known donor. There are advantages, but when you are dealing with a real person there is a loss of control. I feel for you. I think it’s great you are still going to try with cycle with frozen and I hope it gives you the BFP you deserve. 🙂

  2. anofferingoflove

    ahh..easy access to sperm. wouldn’t that be wonderful!? who’d ever think we lesbians would become so obsessed with the stuff?! hope you are able to get all the logistics worked out before the big O!

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