The story of IUI #3

So HJ and I drive to KY to meet with Dr Pal for the IUI. On the way, we get a call that the ultrasound lady called in sick and we had to go to a local hospital for the u/s. The tech was super-methodical and measured EVERY follicle HJ had. 12 follicles! Most were tiny, in the range of .5cm, but the tech still kept to her task. HJ did have 1 follicle just over 2cm: I think we beat her ovulation. When we get to the doctor’s office, we find that Dr Pal is out and her nurse practitioner will do the insemination. The process was easy and painless and we loved the ARNP. The nurse was very excited about the swimmers, saying that the swim team was large and energetic. She even brought in several young nurses to see the swimmers and the whole process. It was nice to have my partners business flailing in the air with no less than 5 spectators…. good times. But, HJ has been spotting since the IUI. I don’t know if that will have any bearing on the outcome.

the positives: good swimmers and IUI pre-ovulation
negatives: only 1 follicle over 2cm and spotting

We are both feeling rather zen about this cycle. Perhaps the third try will be the charm. HJ is determined not to take a hpt during the 2ww but we will see how long that resolve lasts. I am sure that posts about potential eps will follow soon…. so hold your breath for that! LOL



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2 responses to “The story of IUI #3

  1. anofferingoflove

    i gotta say, the timing sounds perfect! and yay for strong swimmers, i think that can be the missing link in this frozen/donor world often. wishing ya’ll lots of luck!!

  2. Danielle

    Don’t fret too much about the spotting as long as it remains relatively light and without cramps. It could be that you’re timing was so super bang on that the cervix was closing up shop and was a little upset by the disruption. Of my 9 IUI’s I believe I had a couple that had some spotting afterwards.My RE is a teaching hospital… I’m all too familiar with the first string Medical team that has joined me and my bits on more then one occasion. For the most part they all keep their distance, which is good. Even they need to learn I guess.Best of luck holding off on those HPTs… it’s gonna be a doozy.D

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