New Horizons

It’s been a lovely weekend in a strange way.

HJ took a hpt again yesterday and the results were negative again (and again today). This cycle is officially a bust. No worries. We are both feeling very positive about my IVF next month. Surely the 3rd IVF is the charm?

In all honesty I am feeling a sense of peace that we will have at least 1 child. I just am uncertain about how our family will grow and when.

For instance, HJ and I went to some friends’ house this weekend to meet their 6 month old son. R & K adopted the sweetest little guy you can imagine. They told an amazing story about how the birth mother chose them when she was 8 months pregnant (although they thought she was only 7 months along). So our friends ended up with a son with very little warning; in fact, they had been spring cleaning to ready themselves for the baby when the bio-mom called to say she was in labor. Our friends were in the delivery room when their son was born. They could not be happier about their family and they could not have foreseen how and when it would grow.

Being with R & K (and son), I felt a Zen-like sense of peace that HJ and I will also be taken care of. In fact, we felt such a strong connection to our friends’ story that we decided to put our name on “the list” with their adoption broker. My heart’s desire is that this IVF will work then we will eventually end up with an adopted child, which is something HJ has always felt drawn to do.

BTW: I got lots of warm and wonderful baby cuddle-time yesterday also. The baby really is a joy to be with.



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2 responses to “New Horizons

  1. insertmetaphor

    I’m sorry this cycle wasn’t successful but it does sound like you’re in a good place about it. What you said about reframing “failure” is very wise – I think it’s important not to beat ourselves up so much.

  2. Next in Line

    This TTC to conceive journey is tough. Sorry about the BFN. There are moments when I lose my head in this process, but I also believe that great things are going to happen and this is just part of the journey to find out what it is.

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