Lupron begins

Today I saw the RE for what feels like the official start to my cycle, which is odd since today is CD21. My lining looks tri-whatevery and the PCO-action is quiet. This cycle is looking good. So now I do Lupron injections and wait for AF.

Last cycle, my RE’s office would only say after the ER that “There was fertilization.” I talked with him today and tried to talk him into telling me the number that fertilize. I did not succeed. I am not happy about that outcome.

Not a great deal to say really, except that I am glad to be actively doing something. The upside to meditating so much is that I am calm and centered; the downside is that I seem to have less to say. Isn’t that an odd commentary on ourselves? We get quiet when things are still. I am neither on the mountaintop nor in the valley. I think I am at the place on the roller coaster when the cart is working hard and I simply sit back and listen to the metallic clicking noises.

By the way, after insurance my meds cost $35.00. No offing of self needed. Wish I could say the same thing when it is time to pay for the Meno.pur.



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2 responses to “Lupron begins

  1. Danielle

    I forgot today was start day. I’m so sorry, been too lost in my own shit… terrible really.I’m looking forward to traveling with you.D

  2. Travelher and Pufferfish

    Congrats on starting the stims! I’m glad you insurance came through. I’m looking boxes of Menopur that I may or may not need depending if I make it to IVF #3. I wish I could give it to you and help you out. I just wanted you to know that.

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