Nothing to report here really, which is a good thing.

I take the daily Lupron shots and they are fine. I have left behind the crushing Lupron headache, yay! Basically we are just waiting around for AF. HJ and I did realize that her new research protocol will require her to miss most of my appointments since she is the primary investigator. Sad, but fine. I did throw a little fit about her needing to do whatever it takes to come for my ER. I hate that day. It hurts and I act crazy. Seriously.

The day of my last ER, we were waiting in a quiet, dark room for my meds to kick in. I began worrying that I would forget my shoes. (I know it’s a strange worry.) The nurse came to get me. I began to walk then threw my arms open wide and planted my feet, yelling, “Wait, I need my…. foot covers!” HJ gathered up my shoes and we went to the procedure room. HJ tried to help me get onto the table after I changed into the paper gown. I refused to be helped. Instead, I mounted the table like an Olympic gymnast on the pommel horse. I am not renown for my grace and certainly not while heavily medicated. Then during the procedure I cursed at the doctor a little. I have no memory of anything past worrying about my shoes. See, I need my girl for this day!

HJ is not cycling this month and she is excited about the beyond belief. Who knows, I may never talk her into another IUI again?



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2 responses to “Quiet

  1. insertmetaphor

    Foot covers – heehee. Yes, it does sound like you need your girl.

  2. anofferingoflove

    those are some crazy good drugs we get for ER procedures! having your sweetie there is so very necessary! hope AF shows quickly. glad to hear the lupron headaches have subsided!

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