Finding my footing

Things are okay here. I still don’t have a huge number of follicles but my E2 has risen to a nice healthy level. The RE (Dr. Gruff) wants to look at my blood levels and follies again tomorrow. He said that we will most likely trigger tomorrow night then do egg retrieval on Tuesday and a 3 day transfer on Friday. We are hoping for about 6 good eggs.

I found my happy place and I am back to calm-centered Cindy (as opposed to yesterday’s hormone-laden emotionally volatile Cindy). It is good to be back. Oddly I found my center walking around a new-age store. HJ and I were looking at crystals and such and found one that was supposed to help fertility. I toyed with purchasing one as a goof. Then I just stopped. I realized that I have stayed very connected to my faith this cycle, and I refuse to symbolically hand over my peace to some stones. So even though I have not made a basketful of eggs and I have moved faster than we planned, all is well. My body knows what to do and everything is progressing just as it should. (If any of you are currently using the Anji meditation CD, you will recognize those statements.)


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  1. anofferingoflove

    oh yeah, those are familiar thoughts. and good ones too! i’ve put my charms aside this cycle too (mostly) and am just trying to stay centered. i am so excited for your upcoming ER/ET!!!!

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