Lather, rinse and repeat

It was a cold and stormy weekend so J and I spent most of our time hiding indoors.
Our project? Choosing a new sp.erm donor.
Yep, we had to choose a donor with a different set of characteristics since J is our carrying partner. It was an odd moment with lots of sad overtones for me. We first completed this process almost 2 years ago and we were giddy as we read about each man. We liked donor A because he was artistic but donor B must be smart to get an SAT score that high, etc. We laughed. We dreamed. We were so certain that we would have a baby in no time flat. We were very concerned about the possibility of needing more specimen for our second child/ wanting them to have the same father.

This weekend, we were much more clinical. We narrowed the list down by height, eye-color and hair color. Then we ranked those choices based upon features and essays and such. We were not giddy but then again we weren’t bitter either. The whole process reminded me of washing my hair. It’s a task I don’t mind but I also can’t get too excited about. I just need the outcome.

So at the moment, J and I are hanging with IUIs for her. We have to do some serious saving for another shot at IVF with her eggs and my uterus. Honestly, it would be nice not to have to walk that path again so we are hoping the IUIs work. She is taking Fem.ara which seems to be better for luteal phase issues. We will have Mr X’s genetic material sent at the end of this week and should have an insemination on Saturday or Monday (since our OBGYN is not open on Sundays). Good times.



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8 responses to “Lather, rinse and repeat

  1. anofferingoflove

    we had a hard time letting go of our #1 donor too. i had definitely put all my hopes in him…i’ll be wishing ya’ll lots of luck this weekend!

  2. poppycat

    I have to admit that when we had to choose our new donor, we were far less particular and didn’t even buy parts of his profile info until after the bfp. I felt like it was more of a ‘getter done’ excercise than the previous time when we were really looking for Mr. Perfect. I’m sorry you had to do it again and I have the highest hopes for you both this cycle.

  3. Victoria

    Making sure the donor has good sperm (or is fertile) is very important too. All the best.

  4. Next in Line

    I remember when we did the the switch-a-roo. It is bitter sweet. I am really hoping that IUI’s are the magic ticket here for you two.

  5. insertmetaphor

    Isn’t it funny to remember those early days? We were so excited and naive and ready. In some ways more ready than we are now, I think, in the sense that we expected a baby then and now it seems less certain. But I think we’re going to be different parents then those older versions of us would have been. I like to think better parents.I’m excited for your new donor and new IUIs and upcoming insemination!

  6. Danielle

    A bitter sweet blessing in disguise I suspect…. Good things are coming, I can hear it in the wind 🙂 Hope is on her way whirling and twirling in the spring air… blowing away the cold winter. Soon her warmth will find you and once again your garden will bloom and a new life will begin.It’s going to be exciting.D

  7. A

    I hope the IUI's work too. I couldn't believe I read that you want to do an IVF with her eggs and your uterus. That would be the ultimate sinero with K & I as well. Because of money I hope IUI's work for her as well, but I have never heard of or read anyone else have that same thought. Our journey's really are similar lately. My fingers are crossed for you both.

  8. Heather

    choosing a new donor has got to be rough. Lets hope that the new donor is the one that works. We will be on that road in a few short months too when we add me trying aswell..

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