a near miss

J is so wonderfully diligent. She called the spe.rm bank with our new choices then narrowed them down by previous pregnancies and swimmer counts. Then she ordered pics of the 3 top choices. She also talked to someone who actually works at the bank about the men’s characteristics. She is the champ at organization and getting the best. So after all was said and done, potential baby daddy #3 turned out to be choice #1 after looking at the photos. In retrospect, I will say that photos are more important than I initially thought. Let me just give you an image of one potential…. think of someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley (include questionable grooming)… that was almost the donor we chose. After seeing all the photos, we have a very clean cut, handsome baby daddy…. he also has several children from his donations. Swim buddies swim!



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8 responses to “a near miss

  1. glamcookie

    Yay for choosing a donor! Did you go through Xytex? That’s who we used and we also loved being able to see an adult photo. Once you find a place that has adult pics, it’s like impossible to go back to the others.FX for you both!

  2. anofferingoflove

    we made cuts based on looks too. i felt kinda shallow ordering the pics, but once they came, i was SO glad i did. on paper, the donors look so similar. with the pics though, it was an easy yes/no decision!

  3. poppycat

    Hooray Baby Daddy! I hope he is also an overachiever!I once had a donor who looked great on paper but his baby pic reminded me of Lotney from the movie Goonies! Lotney was the deformed brother that was kept in the basement who always wanted a BabyRuth bar, remember!? I felt a little bad but he was a HELL NO!

  4. tireegal68

    what a great way to pic donors – you should patent it and sell it!We initially did MWSB which has no photos but it does have the funny “helpful” (sic) comments such as ” like Brad Pitt but with a different mouth” or “reminds me of Pierce Brosnan” or “very cute eyes”!!!I hope your baby daddy gets the job done and gets jiggy with J’s eggies real soon!

  5. insertmetaphor

    Phew! I’m glad your baby won’t have to lurk in dark alleys with mashed peas in her hair.

  6. A

    Are these pictures of them grown up? I’ve only seen baby pictures of donors. Staff will give a verbal description and tell me how they think they look, but that would be awesome to see adult photo.So glad you picked a donor. Good Luck!!

  7. Danielle

    It’s funny to observe the difference in opinions on how folks go about picking donors. I have a co-worker who had to select a donor due to her DH having zero swimmers. For her she didn’t want the adult shots because she was really caught up in the thought of knowing who the adult looked like and felt like she was cheating on her DH… particularly if she selected him because he was more handsome then the alternative.For them it was tougher, because they limited themselves to donors with a Hispanic heritage which only left them 2 to choose from. One 50% Hispanic fella who was less intelligent and more ‘stalky’, or a 25% Hispanic fellow who was a dentist and slim.In talking to her while she gazed at their baby pictures all I could think of was how some of the most beautiful people make the most hideous kids and some of the more questionable couples pop out these adorable babies.Heck, I had one female friend in high school who was just beautiful and the first time i went to her house and saw her childhood pictures plastered all over the walls I was in shock that that terribly unfortunately looking kid grew up into such a beautiful person.Basing on looks creeps me out, what can I say… granted it’s not something I need to deal with with DH.D

  8. Travelher and Pufferfish

    I always feel so vain that we’ve been hung up on if the donor is good looking or not, but let’s face it, none of us want 50% of ugly, right?!? It’s nice to hear others chiming in that looks are important!The baby photo (CCB doesn’t do adult photos) did it for me after I’d gotten two statements from the staff that ‘yes, he’s pretty hot’. Glad you found someone you really like!

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