Our state of affairs

All is quiet on the southern front. J and I are oddly calm.
  • We are not yet obsessing about present or absent eps and have not talked much about the IUI since it was done.
  • J has some outside reviewers at her job this week and they have been very complimentary, especially of my J. (I am so proud!)
  • Our local RE did call us back and they will let us use J’s eggs in both of us (and not for the price of 2 full IVF cycles). Our plan would be 1 for her and 2 for me. (yay!)
  • Our local RE (who I need to name) also talked about us using donor eggs or donor embryos… younger women who have donated younger eggs. We are open to that thought and it may even be less expensive.
  • We may have some decisions to make but I am still holding out hope for J’s cycle this time.
  • I read a journal article that suggested lesbians using IUIs who did not conceive after 6 attempts should use more aggressive TTC efforts. So….
  • My plan for J is to move to injectables for the next IUI if this one does not work. Enough playing around. Either an IUI has to work within 2 cycles or we are on to IVF/donor/whatever.
  • I have gotten serious about getting rid of my 20 fertility pounds. I am doing the South Beach thing and it is going very well. (This may be part of my calm since I have a focus in addition to TTC.) Who knows I may even end up at my college weight?
  • My major accomplishment? I have not cried in my office in over a week! I am feeling like a champ since yesterday my team staffed a particularly disturbing case of parental drug use and neglect of a three-year-old. This sort of thing usually sends me over the edge.

So no earth-shattering news yet but we are happily plugging along.



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7 responses to “Our state of affairs

  1. Jackie

    Great update. Lots of positive news. I’m hoping the zen calmness continues for you.

  2. glamcookie

    Sounds like you have a clear and focused plan, which always feels good. Sending all positive thoughts your way.

  3. poppycat

    I agree with getting agressive on J’s IUIs. Is she taking femera or triggering yet? Hopefully there will be no need for further research or intervention but if there is, I am glad you have some solid and positive options in place. Fingers crossed for this IUI!!!

  4. anofferingoflove

    i hope you dont have to worry about these next steps. sounds like you have some solid plans in place though, just in case. the RE sounds great.

  5. insertmetaphor

    It sounds like you’ve got a great plan and I’m all for a calm TWW no matter the reason!

  6. Next in Line

    You have so many good plans in the works. I have to say after F doing endless unmedicated IUI’s, that were still really expensive, I am also in favor of cutting to the chase and helping nature along a little. The tricky part with us ladies who have “untested fertility” is that we can spend a lot of time and money figuring out we need a little extra boost to get pregnant.

  7. A

    Sounds like a good plan. I wish you the best and my fingers are crossed. Heck, maybe you’ll get your BFP now! 🙂

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