My brain is tired

There is a particular type of therapy I love to do. It is called Motivational Interviewing. With this approach, you talk with someone who has ambivalence about something (be that drug use, where to attend school, etc) and you do not advise the person: you simply ask questions and provide restatements of their ideas and feelings. Through this process the person can work through his/her own thoughts and make a decision. We do not give advice because when you give the “stop” advice the person is only left with one side of the argument, the “go” side. You see the idea.

So in soliciting advice, I had a feeling that I would be able to read every one’s entirely logical thoughts and just “know” the path J and I should attempt. Well, thank you to everyone who humored me because we now have a plan I really like.

At J’s next cycle (assuming this IUI is a bust), we will have her antral follicles checked. If she has a bunch, we will use her eggs. This idea makes my heart sing at carrying her child.

But, if she has a low antral follicle count, we will use the donor embryos. This idea makes me feel very happy also because we get 2 tries for the price of 1 (kind of) with younger eggs.

I am feeling quite calm about the whole thing. And J’s RE’s office called me today to schedule a time for me to see the doc also. Surprise, she has an opening on Friday. Things seem to be falling into place and that is such a nice change for us. I wonder if we will change our minds again after consulting with the RE? Ah, *shrug* same same.



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7 responses to “My brain is tired

  1. A

    It is great when things seem to just fall into place. I actually hope this IUI is the one and don’t have to worry about another plan. But I’m glad you seem to have a great plan going forward if you need it.

  2. insertmetaphor

    Awesome – I love this plan!

  3. tireegal68

    I love your description of motivational interviewing – I was trying to explain it to someone the other day – wish I had had you explain it for me!I am glad you came up with a good plan. I didn’t get there in time to weigh in – but you are the experts in your own lives and I bow to your decisions. I know what you mean about clarity – it’s a wonderful thing.A question; are donor embryos readily available where you are? Just curious.

  4. Danielle

    Sounds like a hip hip hooraish sort of day.I say keep up the momentum and go to that appointment with an open mind. you never know what surprise you may be in store for.Have you read the alchemist??? I suggest you may want to give it a quick read. It’s all about following your life legend and your life journey and how you can get to it in the most unexpected ways.The universe has a way of providing for us, you just have to be open to hearing the directions in the wind… which I think you are.Things feel good, don’t they? I feel a blanket of peace coming along with a motivational push that will give you the momentum you’ll need for what lays ahead.D

  5. reproducinggenius

    It really is lovely when things fall into place. It always gives me a sense that I am making the right decisions, that I am following my path.If this IUI isn’t the one, you’ve got a wonderful plan to fall back on. Sending much hope your way.

  6. anofferingoflove

    i love the new plan (and hope you don’t need it!)sounds like things are falling into place — next stop, bfp!

  7. poppycat

    I am so glad you found a clear plan and I think it is a really good one. While I did read your plea for advice, I found myself so torn by the complexities and feelings, I couldn’t manage a response. I can only imagine how hard it has been for you to think through and I an so happy the answer presented itself.

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