Monday updates

Guess what very large fertility clinic did not call us today… well yes, that would be my fertility clinic! So we are still waiting to find out if we get some donor eggs. The financial lady did email. I swear she is the most personable and warm person in that entire practice. She said that she will give J and I a detailed estimate on using J’s eggs for us both. She even said that she will try to figure the price in the least expensive way possible.

On a more positive note, J is up for an award that would provide us a few extra k’s and she can also put some work online and will get a bonus for that as well…. she is so very industrious. All I can do is travel extra miles so that I get bigger mileage checks, which is pretty minimal really.

Also another nice thought, sort of. Today I walked through the waiting area of the place where I work, which is a rarity. The waiting area smelled like stale cigarettes and body odor. The children all looked sad and the parents looked irritated. It made me so thankful for my own comparatively happy childhood. It also reminded me that I live a life many of my clients cannot imagine attaining. J and I are so very far from wealthy but compared to many, we are blessed beyond measure.



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4 responses to “Monday updates

  1. C.I.W.

    Aren’t those moments eye opening…. when you look at the situation you are in.. and frustrated, then you see something that realizes you should be counting your blessings. Where I work, I have those everyday. You would think that you would just stop having them after awhile, and just be in a constant state of awareness. Man- I have a long way to go to get to that. I hope you get your phone call tomorrow! Casey

  2. tireegal68

    congratulations to J for winning an award and some mullah! I hear you on the mileage – that’s the only bonus I get and considering I always forget to write it down it’s not much of a bonus.I really hope the big biz fertility clinic decide to get their act together and give you some of those nice eggs.the finance lady sounds nice. I was going to say throw a couple my way as they sound a lot cheaper than most places – but as it’s a pilot project I get that they are in short supply and in great demand.good luck!FX for you two:)

  3. insertmetaphor

    Why don’t clinics call when they’re supposed to call?That’s great about the possible award money and the friendly financial lady, though! I hope more good news comes tomorrow.

  4. Dagny

    Congrats to J on her award! WOOT! :DAnd yeah, I have had a few of those moments lately, where I see what I do have, and it’s not as bad as I used to think.xoxo

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