4rd Runner Up

J called the fertility clinic today about a booster shot she needs to get today or tomorrow. You would not believe the difficulty she is having getting one. It would be easier for her to get a script for narcotics!

In any case, while she had the nurse on the phone J asked about staffing yesterday and whether we will get donor eggs. The nurse looked us up and we are 5th on the list. It seems that we are the “Miss Congeniality” of the donor egg world. We get to stand on the stage but we only get a tiny little paper crown. We also have to knock off several infertiles to “get us our baby.” Good news is that the wait is only likely to be about 3 months or so. Bad news: we do not know if we will get to pay the uber-cheap price or the uber-expensive upcoming price. Apparently we have to talk to *Amy* about that and *Amy* is out today. For some reason I have a really mocking internal voice every time I say *Amy*. I should learn to be externally nice to her as she is the gatekeeper for my potential future child.

The nurse then suggested that we should consider donor embryos and we should set up a consultation appointment with Dr BB. I think J began to consider self-harm at that point. She had to explain that we did set up the consultation appointment: it was on Friday. The doctor was running and hour and a half behind schedule and did not remember us. Dr BB did talk about our options in a cursory manner and we paid $200 for that. The nurse had the good grace to sound embarrassed and said that she could set up a free phone consultation.

Today I find that I am laughing at the utter insanity in this whole process. The clinic that is most likely to help us get our hearts’ greatest desires is also the least personable and approachable clinic we have ever used. They are completely competent and have great programs but they just seem so…. cold.



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6 responses to “4rd Runner Up

  1. glamcookie

    I’m sorry for the frustration. I LOLed at *Amy*. *Amy* better have good news for you! {{{}}}

  2. Danielle

    Can I laugh out loud when 8 months from now you find out you’re having a girl and you’re going to name her Amy and you can’t figure out why that name just sticks? LOLOK.. maybe not funny to you, but I’ve got a chuckle from it.I remember thinking my RE to be a bit of an ass at first. But let me tell you, once we made it to the list of people he remembered, which didn’t take THAT long. He was incredible.I feel for these guys, I really do, but I don’t want to make excuses for them either.I hope you soon make a lasting impression on him and he and the rest of them see how blessed THEY are to be in your company. :)Good luckD

  3. insertmetaphor

    Good lord! I can’t believe they’re being so difficult and I also can’t believe your consult was $200! I’d be happy to knock off a couple of those infertiles ahead of you in line if you like. Those are your eggs!

  4. poppycat

    Sometimes its either laugh or cry darling. I say laugh.

  5. anofferingoflove

    oh, for heavens sake! do they really need to make this MORE difficult for you?! im hoping that projected three month wait turns out to be shorter & you are able to get the good financial rate (seems like you should, since you are already on the list!)

  6. Next in Line

    You cracked me up with the knocking off several infertiles. Fertility is the strangest business. When I actually stop and think about the fact that I am pregnant with sperm I ordered off the internet it sounds surreal.

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