happy dance

J called *Amy* (the egg donor coordinator) today and we got good news! Amy said that we are second and potentially first in line for donor eggs. Amy said that the available eggs are from a lovely, funny young woman of Brazilian descent with dark hair and eyes and golden skin.

My heart sings when I think about that. I think maybe just having any description makes the frozen egg babies more real. I am pretty sure that I would be just as excited about a Scandinavian artist egg donor. Or a red-headed flute player with cat allergies. Or, you get the picture.

J also apologized for calling and Amy replied that she knows people are really ready to use donor material when they are concerned enough to be advocates for themselves.

This could really happen… soon! And now I have to change *Amy’s* sound in my head. She has been so kind and seems to be helping us out. No more snarky Amy sound., but what do I replace snarky with?



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18 responses to “happy dance

  1. poppycat

    That is fantastic!!! I am so glad this is coming together for you. And Brazil… that will be one amazing looking child.

  2. Best When Used By

    I am SO excited for you guys! This is awesome news! It’s funny…years ago I used to say that I wanted to adopt a child from Brazil (I don’t even know if they allow adoptions to USA) b/c I think they are so gorgeous. The redheaded flute player would look more like me though 😉 I can’t wait for your cycle to begin!!I also want to thank you for your caring comments on my blog. I think you are awesome and I just adore you.Finally (sorry, long comment) I just noticed on your “about” page that you like The Yellow Wallpaper. I loved that story! Wild!

  3. reproducinggenius

    This is beautiful news, and I positively love this post.

  4. C.I.W.

    oh my!!!!! This is real! This is exciting! I can’t wait to hear more!!! I think it is also a sign you are ready when you could care LESS about skin tone and country of origin. GOOOOOO YOUGALS!

  5. tireegal68

    I am so so so excited for you gals I can’t even tell you! The donor sounds great! I am curious how it works – I mean how the system at your clinic works that one day you don’t know and the next you have a beautiful donor on your doorstep practically.Amy is a new and improved kind of wonderful and so are you two for being great advocates for yourselves!

  6. Lizzie

    Whoo-hoh! Great news! You sound like you’re dancing. So happy.

  7. Pufferfish

    This is such great news! I’m so happy things are speedily moving forward. I can’t wait to hear what comes next. As someone who practically got whiplash on the beaches of Rio from turning my head back and forth looking at all of the beautiful men and women, I can say BRAZIL=Beautiful Genes.

  8. thebao

    Hooray!! So so wonderful. I admire your tenacity and hope to take a page from your book when it comes to self-advocacy. Rock on!

  9. Inlocoparentis

    Yay! That’s awesome!

  10. anofferingoflove

    i read your post and felt absolutely giddy for you two!! 😀 i am so excited, what wonderful news!

  11. glamcookie

    So so exciting! Woot!

  12. Danielle

    I’m filled with goosebumps and anticipation – Very Very Exciting!I love the donor descriptions!D

  13. insertmetaphor

    Woo! This is fabulous, wonderful, happy-making news!

  14. poodlelover

    yeah!!! I am doing a happy dance for you! It’s a salsa or rumba dance to celebrate the donor 😉

  15. Next in Line

    Come on list lets get you girls at the top and ready to rock and roll. I am so hoping that it is very very soon.

  16. K

    Wonderful!!!! Congrats!!!!ICLW

  17. looking4#3

    What exciting and fantastic news!!!! Congratulations!!! Best of Luck, sticky baby dust and warm wishes to both of you!!!!ICLW

  18. thesockdrawer

    Congrats!!! I am so excited for you both!

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