Welcome ICLW

As a fan of Martha, I would like to offer some tasty refreshments including a mint julep. Sadly those things do not translate well across the Internet. So I will just share a few things about my life and my journey up to now: facebook style.

Sexuality: lesbian (quasi-bi)
Relationship status: happily partnered for 6 years
Region: the south…. it is both awful and wonderful here
Children: Only the furry kind at this point
Efforts to have a child/ children: so many in the past 2 years
Fertility challenges: well, lack of sperm, grainy eggs, and unknown for my partner
IVF’s: 3 failed thanks.
miscarriages: just one
IUI’s: 5 failed for my partner
home inseminations: just 1 failure there
current plans: moving on to donor eggs
pessimistic: some days
angry: occasionally
optimistic: most days
how soon for the donor eggs? hopefully this summer

Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

Sorry this is a meager post. I was up half the night driving a dog to the emergency vet. Barney, the Beagle to the right, had a bit of a kerfuffle with a larger dog. Barney lost. He is fine but sore. He has stitches scattered all over his little body but we are lucky because he had no serious injuries. Now he is happily sleeping on pain meds. Last night, as I was driving to the vet’s office, trying to stay calm, I felt like such a mother. I left the house sans make-up, sans socks, sans underwear and sans bra (which is not an option for me). I just knew I had to get my bloody little guy to the vet ASAP! Apparently, little dogs bleed alot even when nothing is terribly wrong. That’s a $200 lesson but I would do it again to know that my buddy is okay.



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15 responses to “Welcome ICLW

  1. C.I.W.

    awwww poor little guy!!! If I know anything about dogs.. I am sure there was NO lesson learned. Oh- trick: bra in the glovebox πŸ˜‰ ciw

  2. thesockdrawer

    How scary! I am glad he (and you) are ok. And I totally feel you on the no bra thing sister…not an option for me either!

  3. insertmetaphor

    I’m so glad the pup is ok!

  4. Mr. Shelby

    Glad the little guy is ok. How scary!Mr. ShelbyICLW

  5. Best When Used By

    Poor Barney! Tell him no more kerfuffling with big dogs. You were such a good pet mom to put his needs before your own…who needs socks and undergarments when your little guy needs help?!And thanks for the mint julep, don’t mind if I do!

  6. tireegal68

    Poor baby! you are a great mama bear!but I have to know, where did you get the word kerfuffle?to me it is so British ( I am a limey myself) and they say it all the time in that tv show Little Britain. Just curious!So many hopefulnesses for your donor eggs ( and mine!)thanks for your sweet post on my blog.I think you are one cool gal!

  7. WiseGuy

    Ouch…I hope the little guy will get better soon!Good Luck with your fertility journey..*ICLW*

  8. thebao

    poor pupster! so glad he’s okay. that must have been super scary.

  9. poppycat

    Your personal stats make me laugh and also make me a little sad at the same time. I hear a lot of hope in there too. Yay. Your pool little guy! Hope he recovers well and I’m glad to hear it isn’t really serious.

  10. We have Angel Wings

    Poor little Barney. 😦 I am so glad that you got him to the vet and taken care of. Your Barney’s Mommy and he loves you. Thank you for the introduction. I look forward to getting to know you. ~ICLW

  11. anofferingoflove

    ouch, glad to hear barney is okay. sounds like a scary incident.

  12. Beautiful Mess

    Oh no! I’m glad he’s is OK! I bet that was a scary/unfun evening out. Give that little guy lots of love. Poor tough little guy!*ICLW*

  13. wifey

    Glad your dog is ok! It’s amazing how attached to our furry things we get!oh and CIW – love the tip about the bra in the glovebox – gonna do that tonight!

  14. Sonja

    Nice to meet you!!So glad you got your puppy looked at and he’s on the road to recovery!SonjaICLW

  15. katery

    that is my worst fear (well, one of them, i guess not having children is my WORST fear), that a larger dog will get ahold of my little sassy-pants annabel and really hurt her.good luck with the donor eggs, i hope your re’s office comes through soon.iclw

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