on the mend

Barney sends deep appreciation for your concern. He has been working on creating a nice dependence upon the pain meds we are giving him. He spends most of the day gorked out sleeping on the couch. He periodically walks slowly outside but the only time he moves with any speed is when we go get his pill bottles. Then he will pick up his head, shake a bit and run into the kitchen wagging his tail. He is CRAZY about gree.nies pill pockets. He loves them and stands staring expectantly at us until we serve up his medication fix. His is such a cute little addict. And we are crazy moms who feel guilty for not being able to protect him. So we dote on him. He gets lots of special treats and extra pets. I think he’ll be just fine.

On a TTC note…. la la la… still waiting on donor eggs. The treatment team at the RE’s office meets on Tuesday to make a final decision about where we are on the list. I will take prayers, positive vibes, baby dust, crossed fingers or any other helpful things you can send out into the universe.



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17 responses to “on the mend

  1. A Mom in Jacksonville, FL

    Glad to hear your sweet pup is recovering well. Sending positive vibes your way in your TTC journey…Best wishes!*ICLW*

  2. glamcookie

    Yay for Barney! Vibing like crazy for you, too 🙂

  3. Danifred

    Glad to hear Barney is on the mend! Sending tons of baby dust your way!ICLW

  4. tbean

    So glad Barney is recovering well!

  5. thebao

    You got it!So glad the pup is ok.

  6. anofferingoflove

    oh thats too funny! my pup loves greenies too, they are seriously like dog crack. sending all variety of good vibes, wishes, and hopes your way. hope you get good news after the tues meeting!

  7. Best When Used By

    I’m SO glad to hear that Barney is doing okay. A dog that gets up and wags his tail for his drugs is definitely going to be just fine!You guys definitely have all my prayers, thoughts, crossed-fingers, wishes and positive universe vibes that you will prevail as FIRST on the donor list!

  8. insertmetaphor

    I’m glad the pup junkie is doing well! I’m crossing fingers and toes for you!

  9. wifey

    love the pill pockets – canned dog food made into a “meatball” with the pill inside work well too.Fingers crossed for you!

  10. reproducinggenius

    So glad Barney is doing so much better! And of course, I’m sending all sorts of positive energy out there that you are first on the list. xoxo

  11. Danielle

    Sending all the good stuff your way!!!D

  12. Rebecca

    Poor Barney! I hope he recovers quickly! Good luck with the RE visit. I’ll be sending all the positive everything I can!ICLW

  13. optimisticallyhopeful

    Glad to hear Barney is recovering! I hope that you get good news on your donor egg situation soon. Good luck!

  14. poppycat

    Sending all of the above your way! Glad your puppy is on the crack, Oh, err, I mean the mend.

  15. Barefoot

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way for your donor eggs! And so god to hear that your pup is on the mend.

  16. tomi

    Glad to hear Barney is doing ok. crossing everything on the TTC note.ICLW

  17. Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks

    is barney a dog?

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