Quiz time

Okay, what’s the best and quickest ways to throw a frustrated infertile TTCer into a dark funk?

a. announce your “accidental” pregnancy
b. attend a baby shower
c. go buy a present for previously mentioned baby shower
d. optimistically make comments like “I know we’ll be doing this for you soon.”
e. all the above

Yes, all the above happened to me today. I drove to a co-worker’s baby shower for which I was supposed to have made the cake (no way! no how!). I picked up the pre-ordered cake and bought 3 of the cutest newborn outfits you have ever seen. I wrapped them in beautiful paper. I got to the shower and held the most precious newborn baby boy I have seen in years. Not kidding, he is beautiful. Another coworker mentioned that she is pregnant accidentally (f—–). I dressed really nice and smiled alot, hoping to avoid the pity of my coworkers. It didn’t work. They tried to be supportive and ask about our TTC efforts. Then they made the comment about having a shower for me soon. My answer, “Oh we’ll see, but that sounds nice.”

I thought I was fine until the drive home. My mood is foul and I am not good company for anyone tonight. When will this part end? I am ready for something new.



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10 responses to “Quiz time

  1. glamcookie

    {{{}}} That is a rough day. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending a ton of baby dust your way.

  2. anofferingoflove

    damn. thats one hellava emotional day. do something nice for yourself tonight, you deserve a reward for putting on such a good game face and suffering through that with grace.

  3. Inlocoparentis

    That day, my friend, sounds like a damn nightmare of a day. *Hugs*

  4. Dagny

    Fuck me.I'm sorry dude. What an absolute ass day you had.(((hug)))Hope today is better.xoxo

  5. tbean

    I'm sorry. That was a quadruple whammy. Hugs.

  6. poppycat

    Wow, That IS an ass day. Hope today is free of other peoples babies and pity and accidental pregnancies. xoxo

  7. Danielle

    Eeek! That's a wicked Ass day. Sorry to hear that you got whammied so hard.Hopefully a bottle of wine and some quality J time got you all fixed up!The last pregnant co-worker I had got the brunt of it when she said, don't worry you'll be next. Prior to her I'd had 6 pregnant co-workers all say the same thing to me over the course of 3 years. Needless to say i cracked and the poor innocent girl got the brunt of it. I felt terrible. Needless to say, she'll think twice before trying to be nice to someone without kids….D

  8. Best When Used By

    I don't know how you made it through the whole thing with such grace. You smiled? You brought the cake? You wrapped the adorable outfits in pretty paper? You HELD the baby?!! Holy cow. Did you scream in the car on the way home? Try it some time. Of course, preferably when no other drivers or pedestrians can see you, but honestly, I've driven in the car and let out a long, loud, bloodcurdling scream just to get the angst off my chest. It helps. You really deserve a great weekend.

  9. insertmetaphor

    Ugh, what a horrible combination. I'm so sorry you had that day – I hope it's gotten better. Also, I hate the oblivious, well-intentioned comments sometimes – they can be such hot knives.xoxo

  10. thebao

    Ugh, blech. Sorry all of that happened to you on the same day. I'm amazed by your grace in the situation.

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