Grade A eggs

I need a few good eggs. I am talking high quality specimens from a young baby-maker. Preferably, I would like about 10 eggs much like the one pictured to the left. This is just a visual reminder I found online, not an egg from my own ovaries. If it were my egg, it would be grainy and poor quality. But that is all okay now because J and I finally get an actual appointment with the egg lady “Amy” and the calendar lady”Jennifer” !! I am taking this step as a nice milestone since the clinic only let us have brief, entry level talks with Amy before (though expensive).
One week from tomorrow, J and I get to go to the big business clinic, talk cycle dates and look at donor profiles. If one suits us, then we get things rolling. Honestly ‘healthy’ is our only criteria at this point so I am thinking that we will pick out someone. J is just certain that all the clinic will have available is red-headed donors. She is a natural red and was teased unmercifully as a child. I, on the other hand, would LOVE a little red-headed baby…. or brunette, or blond, or whatever. I might burst from excitement. I am also sure that my fertile young friends will now be glad that I have some eggs on the way (potentially) so I can stop harassing them and offering money for their eggs. This is not even a joke.
And a little update: J called our pal the financial lady at the BB fertility clinic. Remember my earlier posted fears that we would get on the list then the super-low introductory price of donor eggs would end? Well that happened: the price has jumped to 3x the price we were quoted, as the pilot program has shown excellent success. The good news? We are the last couple on the list still being given the bargain basement pricing! That goodness, because after 3 IVF’s our ability to creatively finance baby-making is rapidly nearing a close. Dare I say that something in the reproductive area seems to be working inour favor?


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12 responses to “Grade A eggs

  1. Pufferfish

    Yeah for moving forward!! That is one nice looking egg pictured there, makes the ones I got look like meatballs. Damn.I really hope that this egg show is getting on the road for you both.

  2. Next in Line

    I love that you have appointments with the egg and calender lady and are still on the list for the bargain basement price that is showing great success. That is three good things!

  3. insertmetaphor

    I'm so happy that you finally got some good luck pointing your way! I can't wait to hear about your new eggs!!!

  4. tbean

    YES YES YES!!! I cannot wait to hear about the appointment!

  5. Dagny

    glad you still get the deal.Good news!!xoxo

  6. Inlocoparentis

    Ooh, I love redheads too! So glad things are moving forward.

  7. C.I.W.

    oh good lord.. I am going to have to be on countdown for this, too??? I CAN'T WAIT to hear about the appointments!!!!! ciw.

  8. luckylittle13

    Hooray for progress! And that's some mighty fine luck getting the introductory pricing.

  9. thebao

    Score and SCORE! That's awesome that you're on top of the egg-getting list and at the bottom of the pilot program list. What a perfect place to be! So excited for you guys and can't wait to hear about your appointment.

  10. reproducinggenius

    I love reading all of htis good news! It's about damn time something good started happening for you! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  11. Best When Used By

    Hey, this is awesome news! Time to pick the donor! Well, as a natural redhead myself, I completely understand Js experience about being teased as a kid. But red hair is now the #1 hair color women want their hair dyed. We are now the most desirable ones! Tell J she is like an exotic fish. Someone once described redheads that way and it made me feel better. Anyway, I got off on a tangent, but I wish you guys great luck in choosing your donor. Have a fun appointment! And super fantastic about getting the low low price!

  12. tireegal68

    oh my gawd – I am so excited! Have been off internet for a few days and catching up on all the action! I am with you – go for all healthy eggs, and redheads get the big thumbs up. I agree with PP – very desirable and exotic hair color! Yippee! Can't wait to hear how it goes:)

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