7 things

I have been tagged by An Offering of Love and Insert Metaphor. Thanks ladies!

For the Kreativ Blogger Award the rules of acceptance are simple: list seven things you love and then pass the award to seven blogs you love.

7 things I love:

1) My partner in life- J. I adore the way she looks at me like I am perfect when I am so far from it. She is also just generally a fun person!

2) Our house- we have worked and toiled away to make this our home. It’s my happy place.

3) My garden- growing things is fun

4) People, places, books and movies that feed my head and inspire me.

5) My pets (which reminds me that we got a kitten)

6) Spring and Fall- I love the promises that both seasons hold. There is an indescribable quality to the air.

7) taking pictures– it sparks my imagination.



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2 responses to “7 things

  1. C.I.W.

    Thank you for sharing! I was wondering about your silence ciw.

  2. anofferingoflove

    what a wonderful list! 🙂

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