meme pictures

These go with the last post but I am not cool enough to make the pictures and the text go in the same post in a reasonable configuration.

Top left to bottom: 1) Our new kitten Uggs 2) my tomato garden 3) some of my little green tomatoes 4) the fence J and I built all by ourselves 5) J walking the little dogs in the field next to our house. I love this picture as I took it one morning when J did not even know I was there. I was so touched by the beauty of this sight.



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8 responses to “meme pictures

  1. C.I.W.

    WOW!!! you live there?? it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and, ps.. that is a lot of 'maters. Casey

  2. anofferingoflove

    wow! look at those tomato plants! im SO jealous! what a beautiful garden/yard you have.

  3. insertmetaphor

    That cat is so adorable! And I'm SO impressed you built that fence yourself – holy crap. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. Best When Used By

    Your garden is AMAZING! Will you be my personal gardening consultant? You guys have a gorgeous spread there. I am hugely impressed by the fence! And yes, the impromptu photo of J is sweet, serene and lovely.

  5. tireegal68

    what great pics! What a vast expanse of land you have at your disposal! How cool is that! But where are the doggies in the last picture? And that kitten – OMG – what a contest winning face!!!!

  6. poppycat

    Your kitten is crazy cute! The yard looks amazing and it looks like a lot of work too. Love the picture of your sweetie.

  7. luckylittle13

    beautiful… makes me long for more space and a backyard of something other than cement.

  8. Dagny


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