And finally the coy minx has arrived!



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11 responses to “And finally the coy minx has arrived!

  1. C.I.W.


  2. thebao

    Glad she deigned to show up!

  3. anofferingoflove

    hooray!!!! onward toward embryos in your belly by september!! 🙂

  4. insertmetaphor


  5. Meredith

    Wooooo hooooo!

  6. Pufferfish

    The power of the internet!

  7. tireegal68

    yeah – I am right behind you! See what a little internet magic can do?!!!So what is the schedule? and the plan? details please! 🙂

  8. luckylittle13


  9. Best When Used By

    Why AF, you're looking fine and thanx for showing up and allowing Bang Head to keep her schedule! Now pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable….but not for too long! Oh, hooray!On another matter, you know, I bought a ready-to-use bottle of that Neem spray. Then I read the instructions and sort of freaked out. It said not to let it make contact with skin, wear long sleeves, immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash when finished, etc. It seemed so scary and toxic that I thought holy cow, am I going to spray this stuff and poison my little embryo? I mean, a few lost tomato plants aren't worth a lost baby. So the bottle of Neem still sits on the shelf unused. I can't bring myself to suit up and use it.

  10. poppycat

    It only took the bad mouthing of 50 interlezzies to make her show! Get your bags ready baby, your stop is almost here!

  11. reproducinggenius

    Hooray! I'm so glad she arrived in a somewhat timely fashion.

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