Things I know now

J talked to the nurse who has the most contact with the donors at our clinic. We got a bit more information about the donor’s physical characteristics and some details about her personality as well. The nurse said that our donor “lights up the room when she enters” and described her as funny and outgoing. I love those characteristics. The donor is 21 years old and is considered the clinic’s “best” egg producer. The nurse also said that every cycle with our donor’s eggs have resulted in a pregnancy (either immediately or through FET). Last piece of information: more than 50% of the pregnancies have been twins. Exciting and scary all at the same time!! Now that twins might be a real option, the thought is frightening due to all the complications that can come with twins. Holy stomach butterflies Batman!

A few people have asked some questions about my cycle, which must be confusing to people not in the midst of my craziness. So please allow me to explain. I am using frozen donor eggs. The donor goes through a cycle specifically to produce frozen eggs or gets paid to go through a fresh donor cycle with someone else (tres expensive!). The original egg recipient gets a total of 12 eggs then any additional eggs are frozen. The women getting the frozen donor eggs are given up to 8 eggs (at least enough to create 2-3 embryos). The success rates with frozen donor eggs is roughly the same as with a fresh donor egg cycle- 60% or better. The benefits of a frozen egg cycle are 1) the cycles of donor and recipient do not need to be synchronized and 2) less expense since the donor can provide for multiple people at the same time. The eggs are frozen immediately after egg retrieval then are thawed when the recipient is ready. The eggs are then fertilized and allowed to culture for a 3 day transfer. And 2 weeks later the recipient (ME) gets a positive beta!!!

So yeah, yesterday’s melancholy seems to have left and the hope is rolling back in.



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9 responses to “Things I know now

  1. C.I.W.

    hope is awesome! The beginning of fall is a perfect time to conceive a baby! PERFECT!

  2. anofferingoflove

    thanks for the explaination of how the donor egg cycle works! benefit #2 (less expensive) is *great*! im so, so excited for you! your donor sounds wonderful, both in terms of her personal characteristics and her success rates. wow…twins! holy stomach butterflies indeed! 🙂

  3. Pufferfish

    Your donor sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you and I completely understand the "holy crap, twins?!" thoughts you are having. Crossing all fingers for you!

  4. glamcookie

    Sounds great! Thinking positive thoughts for you!

  5. luckylittle13

    Duh! Of course she's the best and of course you will get a positive beta. Remember that there is still a 50% chance you won't have twins…The return of hope is amazing isn't it?!

  6. Best When Used By

    Your donor sounds wonderful! Not only a bright, cheery, funny gal, but also a great egg producer! Her stats are really impressive, successful and lots of twins. Wow. Hey thanks for the brief rundown on the frozen egg process. I had no idea. What a great program and a great way to help lots of couples. I'm so excited for you…the odds are in your favor!

  7. Next in Line

    I am very excited about this! Let hope pour in.

  8. tireegal68

    how exciting! it's so great to hear your donor is a light-filled person and fun and a big egg/ twin producer too! How do you feel about twins?we were just talking about it last night – yikes – it's scary and fun all at once! I love that the donors share the love with lots of people and it makes it so much more affordable.Have you talked with the doc about how many three day embryos to transfer? I am really torn about it and still have to talk to the doc about it.Can't wait to hear the next steps! you'll have that BFP really soon!

  9. thebao

    Wheeeee!!! This is so exciting. I am so thrilled for you ladies! I love your donor's stats and can't wait for mid-september to arrive. Congrats!

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