Domestic Goddess/ Hormonal Mess

Lest you all think that all I ever do is try to reproduce, I wanted to share a bit about my weekend. (For that matter, sometimes it feels like all I ever do is try to reproduce.) So this weekend, my mother and father came to visit. We spent time shopping, having a super yummy dinner and visiting. My mom and I pressure canned green beans and tomatoes. My dad and J built a new handrail on our deck. My parents also got to meet their newest furry grandkids, ie, the kittens, who obliged by frolicking most cutely. It was a good weekend and I loved it.

In the past, I used to think that I would NEVER quit my job: now I have changed my mind. I think I could quite happily hang out around home: growing things, making planned-out dinners, keeping my house clean and (dare I say?) taking care of babies. Were J and I to become independently wealthy, I would quit THAT DAY and never look back. Especially since the team I direct has collectively lost their minds and this week is yearly evaluation time. I can practically feel the Cindy voodoo dolls being made and stuck with pins. Really who needs to have people want to speak to them at work anyway? 🙂

On other fronts, I have always tended to think snarky thoughts about women who complain about BCPs. I have just never had any trouble with them. Karma is now biting me in the ass. I. am. evil. and. moody. For instance J was all cheerful this morning as she took care of the dogs and fed the cats. She had the unmitigated gall to MAKE NOISE and TALK to me! I had to fight the urge to tell her to “shut up!” Really? How crazy can I be? And even as mean as I am, J is being sweet and loving. She hugs me and kisses me and says how pretty I look. I almost judge her for loving me at this point.

Did I mention that I am taking more Lupron than ever before? The needles are tiny but the first shot stung like a tiny little wasp on my arm. And it kept stinging for about an hour. Eek. Not to mention the headaches that have come on with the Lupron. Egads. I am working really hard to channel my inner happy place but frankly, I am a serious hormonal grump!



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9 responses to “Domestic Goddess/ Hormonal Mess

  1. Best When Used By

    I love that you guys can your beans/tomatoes. There's something really earthy and comforting about that. It sounds like a great weekend with your parents, doing useful/fun things.So sorry the meds are taking a toll on you! They certainly have been known to cause headaches and rouse the inner beast. I'm sure J will understand.Let's hope your team at work find their minds sometime soon. Hope the eval goes okay! (Gulp!) Finally, it's exciting to see that you've moved my blog into baby on board section! Thanks! I hope I won't disappoint. 🙂

  2. Mina

    Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog :0)I wish I had a garden, and could can my own produce. Living in Queens, NYC, without a backyard…well, it's never gonna happen! That's awesome that you can do those things, and share it with your parents.Oh, and I so agree with you about quitting the job and becoming a Domestic Goddess! I'm right there with you chica! I hope you feel better soon with all the meds symptoms :)Well, I'm adding you to my blogroll, and I'm looking forward to reading your updates!

  3. insertmetaphor

    Man, I'm sorry for the crazy-making pills and shots. I did giggle a little at you snapping at J's cheerfulness. I've been there.I think I could quit my job so happily and never look back. Unfortunately, Fern thinks she could do the same – we have 'fights' over who should be the housewife. Of course, the real answer is neither of us til we strike gold.Good job with the canning and house fixing – I'm impressed!

  4. anofferingoflove

    beautiful pictures! i love end-of-summer canning, we need to get started on our own! sounds like a wonderful weekend with your parents. 🙂 sorry to hear the drugs are making you an emotional mess. i remember being surprised by how much they affected me during my ivf cycles, i went totally crazy!

  5. tireegal68

    boo to those drugs! The BCPs make me really crazy ! sounds like you had a great weekend and very productive too. I agree with you about retiring – sign me up! I hear you on evaluations – fortunately we aren't doing them this year because no-one is getting a raise- that really sucks that you have to be a voodoo doll for your staff!

  6. poppycat

    I hope you won't be grumpy with me for saying that I giggled through most of this post. Not because I find it funny, well, that is a lie, I do find it funny, but only because it sounds so similar to my own life. I'm not even on bcp so I have no excues! I love the line about judging her for loving you! HA! I hope those side affects are replaced by pregnancy looniness very soon. PS – very impressed by your domesticity!

  7. Baby Mama, Too

    Oh, I miss freshly canned veggies! Maybe next year I will actually get my garden planted…J sounds like she is handling your hormone storms in stride. *smirk* at least you can blame it on the meds… I find my self having the same thoughts without a bit of supplementation needed, LOL!

  8. luckylittle13

    Yum! Will you teach me how to can? Sorry the BCPs are the devil this time around. You're almost done though, right? And headaches suck. Having to shoot yourself up with drugs that cause headaches sucks way worse.

  9. timaree

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with your parents. I can certainly appreciate that desire to quit work and just take care of the homefront. I would do it in a heartbeat. I hope the hormonal mess lightens soon. It's not fun lacking control over one's emotions. Hang in there!

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