So Vv v v v very happy

I am typing this entry on the shiny new laptop my honey bought for me. Previous posts have been typed on my old Dell which has been slowly dying. To begin the back arrow stopped working… no big deal. Next the “V” key broke and could not be reattached, necessitating me to stick my finger in the hole where the “V” once resided. It worked, but it was not an efficient typing method. You might be surprised how often the letter “V” gets used in ordinary writing. Final straw: the spring holding up the screen broke, meaning that I had to type with one hand while I held the screen in a use able position with my other hand (makes capitalizing letters pretty tough). Being resourceful and a lesbian, I grabbed a handy roll of duct tape and created a bridge between the screen and keyboard. It worked but it wasn’t pretty! Recent development: the laptop began slamming on my fingers each time I moved. I have known I needed a new computer for a long time but with my old laptop somewhat functional, I did not want to divert funds from the baby-making effort. So today I came home from work to find a lovely pink present in place of my old laptop. J’s a keeper and I feel so excited to be off the low-rent laptop.



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7 responses to “So Vv v v v very happy

  1. insertmetaphor

    Woo! How exciting to come home to that. And I can't believe you were typing on something so broken! This new one must feel amazing.

  2. Best When Used By

    Your description was pretty funny. I could just imagine you trying to work on the computer while dealing with all those….deficiencies. Yes, it was definitely time for a new laptop. And how totally sweet of J to think and plan and surprise you with a present! Have fun playing with the new toy!

  3. Mina

    I was JUST telling myself I need a new computer, also! Mine is definitely not as bad as your old one, but it needs to go. That was so nice that J surprised you with one..and pink too?? Awesome. 😛

  4. anofferingoflove

    aw, how sweet! J rocks! love the bit about using duct tape – how very lesbonic of you! 😉

  5. timaree

    What a fabulous gift, and clearly you needed it! I am quite impressed with your measures to keep it going though!

  6. poppycat

    Nice! That J is a keeper!

  7. Next in Line

    I had an old laptop that I had to type on while standing up and leaning over it. The computer had to be opened until it was flat before the picture would show up on the screen. A new computer is a beautiful thing especially when it types all the letters!

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