Moments– updated

I have been a terrible commenter and poster of late. I am sorry about that. I don’t have any great excuses except that I have decided to do lots of self-care for this cycle. I am having a massage a week. I am presently able to justify things I normally would not purchase. I have basically fore sworn unappealing household chores and I am living like a diva! For pete’s sake I am even eating what I want (mostly). Honestly though, writing about my diva-like actions is stirring up all my WASP-y guilt but I will move forward with some of the more fun moments from the past few days.

  1. I made and ate homemade chocolate pudding for supper last night. And yes, that was ALL I ate. I used my grandmother’s recipe and the whole event brought back the most comforting waves of nostalgia. By the way, the pudding was smooth and a little sweet… just like Granny made.
  2. I bought myself a Willi@ms and Sonom@ apron. It is perfectly lovely and I have created a space to hang it in my pantry. Reminiscent of my other grandmother. I feel very motherly when I wear it.
  3. I searched all over town until I found a Sod@Stream, carbonated water maker. I love it! It makes Perrier-like water or sodas at home without all the bottles, sugar and caffeine. I convinced myself that I needed the new shiny thing because my drinking options are now limited since I don’t want the sugar from soda and cannot have caffeine in tea.
  4. There was a sale at Coldwater Creek. Need I say more? I am utterly filled with consumer bliss.

In real TTC news, my lining is at 9.6 on the ultrasound today. I don’t have my E2 level yet, but I am thinking that the news will be good. Currently I have EPS. My nips are like radars. They can feel a strong breeze in the next county and forget about coming near them. If the nurse decided to feel me up at my appointment today, I was planning to have serious words with her. The bbs are now strictly off-limits due to crazy-soreness. (And yes, I am quite sure that I am not pregnant since the transfer is still 12 days away. 🙂 )

Also, as I was lying on the table today with “the wand” inserted into….well where it goes, the ultrasound tech turned on the hooha interrogation light and swung it around. The light made a loud squeaky noise, which was annoying. The tech decided that she would then attempt some sort of assessment on the light, while her other hand was still busy stuffing a wand inside my nether regions. Eventually she did give my lady business the proper attention it deserved but frankly I am deciding that my clinic pretty much forgets that there is a person attached to the other end of all the faulty reproductive bits!

UPDATE: My E2 level is 742. My lining is tri-layer. AND my egg thaw is officially confirmed for September 8. This thing is going to happen!!



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11 responses to “Moments– updated

  1. C.I.W.

    OMG.. who ARE these people?? LORD! You sound like Julia Child… have you seen Julie and Julie lately? And, by the by, I see absolutely nothing wrong with pudding for dinner. There is milk in it– milk is supposed to be good for you. I can't wait 12 more days!!!!

  2. luckylittle13

    Seriously, can we talk for a moment about the lack of beverage options available? On special days, I mix a bit of juice with sparkling water. Crazy, I know.I'm thinking that inserting the wand takes a bit of concentration. And you are paying them to assess you, not the light. I'm sorry that this has been your experience with them…

  3. Meredith

    As long as a meal hits at least one of the food groups- sounds awesome to me!I think I would have gone all animal style on anyone with a 'cam in hand attempting to multi task.

  4. insertmetaphor

    I'm glad to see your update! It sounds like things are going great. I'm loving the diva time – keep it up. I can't believe you're under 2 weeks to the transfer! This is outrageously exciting!

  5. anofferingoflove

    woohoo! sept 8 is SO soon!! i love that you are taking good care of yourself this cycle – it is so deserved! 🙂

  6. Mina

    Good for you, girl! I'm glad you're taking the time out to pamper yourself! I've never heard of Sod@stream, that's a great idea!

  7. reproducinggenius

    This diva time sounds positively perfect! I love that you made homemade chocolate pudding and ate it for dinner. We all need to do that sort of thing from time to time. I need to find one of these sparkling water makers of which you speak. I had no idea one could do this at home!The eighth is coming in no time, and I am so incredibly excited for you! xo

  8. Best When Used By

    I love all the wonderful things you are doing to pamper yourself right now. Both physical (the massages) and the emotional (Granny's pudding and an apron in the pantry). Indulge and enjoy every moment.Your lining is great, your E2 is great and your transfer is 12 days away! I am so excited for you! And since your clinic is a little on the questionable-tactics side, I KNOW you will feel a great joy on the day you walk out of there for the last bloomin' time!

  9. poppycat

    I am so damn excited for you!!! You are about to get off this wild ride for good my dear. Hooray! Nothing feels better than a little bit of retail therapy no? Glad you found some good stuff to help you pass the time. Oh, and the wanding, WTF?

  10. tbean

    Your transfer is in a week?!?!?! That's awesome!!! 🙂

  11. Danielle

    This is sooooooo exciting!!! I've been ever so impatiently awaiting a blog update and am so pleased to hear that all is well.Hooray!D

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