A bit of clarification

I have been playing fast and loose with the cycle dates I have mentioned in my posts, causing some confusion in blogland.

So here is my attempt to be less confounding:

  • My 8 little frozen donor eggs will be thawed and fertilized on September 8.
  • 2 (hopefully) perfect quality embryos will be transferred to my uterus on September 11.

I am so excited I can hardly see straight!! Wanna know another thing I am oddly excited about? The RE has prescribed 1 Xa.nax for me the day of the transfer. That lovely little pill goes so nice with uncomfortable procedures.

Here is a mental picture to leave you with: J is cooking supper. yay! I looked up to notice that she is wearing my new apron. I did a double take to discover that she is wearing only my apron and some panties.



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12 responses to “A bit of clarification

  1. anofferingoflove

    ah, summertime cookwear! 🙂 woohoo for september 11! wow – that's next week! im SO excited for ya'll!

  2. Meredith

    Wow- would you call my wife and share the apron tip with her?September 11th is going to be the best DAY EVER!

  3. C.I.W.

    you guys are ADORABLE. OMG.. that is REALLY F-ING SOON!!!!!!! This is SO EXCITING!!!

  4. Best When Used By

    Is that the end of next week? It is! Your transfer is FINALLY here! I hope the next week flies by for you. Maybe if J wears the same dinner outfit every night, you'll barely notice the days going by! I am so excited for you!!!!

  5. Lizzie

    So soon! So excited! And YAY for Xanax!

  6. Dagny

    hehehe.can't wait for you to be preggo. :)xoxoxo

  7. Pufferfish

    That is fast!! I am so excited for you.I once baked bread butt naked. Chicken took a picture and stills laughs. I hope you grab your camera next time–good memories!

  8. luckylittle13

    Will you call my wife as well?Um, I'm so excited for the xan.ax. I've been tempted many times to check that box on the prescription form when I was just on fem.ara or clo.mid. They would have never known…And, OMG, that is like a week away!!!

  9. insertmetaphor

    Wow, this is coming up so soon! I'm so excited!

  10. poppycat

    Hot damn! I mean on the IVF and the apron. What was for dessert I wonder…

  11. Next in Line

    Thank goodness for those little magic pills, girls cooking in aprons and that your transfer day is so friggin soon! You have waited long enough.

  12. reproducinggenius

    Now that is a good use of an apron! I'm so excited for you! Just a week until your transfer!

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