Early returns

After much waiting and fingernail-biting, the lab let me know that 6 eggs were able to be ICSI’d. 4 fertilized. Of course I wish I could have gotten a 100% fertilization rate, but I am excited to know that we have 4 little embryos dividing and growing at this point. It is also reassuring to know that the little embryos are made by healthy young fertiles. I am reminding myself not to be greedy. J and I just need 2 excellent quality embryos to transfer on Friday. The lab will give us another update tomorrow afternoon, so keep sending positive, thriving energy to “the babies.” Incidentally, we keep talking about the 4 embryos as though they are fully functioning children hanging out in the lab. “Do you think they are lonely?” “Do you think they are thinking about us too?” Do you think they will like the dogs?”

Ok, deep breaths.



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9 responses to “Early returns

  1. Meredith

    SOOOOOOO awesome!!! Go cells go!

  2. Best When Used By

    Yup, all you need are two superstars, so 4 will do just fine! T minus 2 days! And I think it's great that you talk about them like kids hanging out in the lab. As it should be. So carry on. 🙂

  3. Lizzie

    Sending every possible good vibe to your 4 … !

  4. tireegal68

    Sorry I have been MIA. Was away and just caught up! WOW! So exciting!!!!!!! Sending multitudes of multiplying vibes to your four little ones!!! I am so happy for you and optimistic – keep talking to your little ones- I am sure they have a great sense of fun and humor, like their mamas!

  5. C.I.W.

    the hair on my arms just stood up… good vibes good viiibess!!!! EEP!

  6. insertmetaphor

    I'm jumping for joy over here! I'm so excited for your little gang of four! Grow, embryos, grow!

  7. A

    That is great! And of course they will like the dogs. Who wouldn't. 🙂

  8. anofferingoflove

    woohoo!!! sending all manner of positive, thriving energy to your foursome. grow babies, grow!

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