More updates

Original post:I have an update of sorts. A different person called from the IVF lab this morning. He said that I have “several embryos” which “seem to be developing well.” Then he re-iterated that my transfer is scheduled for tomorrow morning. He said they would bring photos of our embryos then.

OK- I am happy that some of our embryos are developing well and that I will get embryos to transfer.

BUT- I want a number!! Are 4 still doing well? Has a fifth embryo made a late start? Are we down to 3 embies now? *banging head on desk*

Now, breathing and reminding myself that all I really want is 2 excellent quality embryos to transfer, implant and grow into a healthy child/ren.

Now back to being excited….

Update: My ever assertive J called the woman she has made pals with at the RE’s office to get more detailed information. I love my wife! Now we know that 2 eggs did not thaw well. 2 eggs did not fertilize at all and 4 fertilizing is quite good. She then said that 2 embryos are looking spectatcular! Two other embryos are still living and dividing but they are just “looking good.” The clinic will let those 2 good embryos develop to day 5: if they make it to the blastocyst stage, they will be frozen. So yay, we still have 4 embryos.

Happy happy, joy joy!!



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10 responses to “More updates

  1. insertmetaphor

    Happy news! Go little embryos! Keep on living and dividing.I love that you're getting a picture!

  2. Meredith

    Wow- what absolutely wonderful news. (and J rocks!)

  3. anofferingoflove

    i love your wife too! im so glad she called – not knowing the specifics is totally unacceptable and unnerving! glad to hear the quads are still thriving! grow little ones, grow!

  4. tbean

    Awesome news! And your last post–Do you think the kids will like the dogs (or other way around)–that cracked me up. So something we would do over here too. 🙂

  5. Danielle

    Good Luck!!!I'll be sending positive, sticky, lucky, strong, healthy, pregnant vibes your way immediately over night by the pony express. Hopefully they'll be there by morning in all their glory!I am ready to pass the torch and it is yours to have!D

  6. Best When Used By

    I love it and I can just imagine the conversation where J marches over the phone, announcing she is going to find out just how many "several" actually is.In 24 hours you'll officially be knocked up! I hope and pray those two little superstars will do the trick and you won't even need your frosties.I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning and will look forward to your post to see how it all went. Good luck!

  7. tireegal68

    How dare anyone think that "several" is an answer????!!!!!Good for your wife for getting the answers. I am going to make sure mine gets on the horn at those crucial times too!Very very excited for you!!!YIPPEE!!!!

  8. luckylittle13

    I've been thinking about you all day today. I can't wait to hear how it went!And way to go J! Grow little embryos!

  9. poppycat

    I'm doing a little happy dance for you and your embies right now!

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