How we met

I am at that place in the cycle where life is uneventful. Aside from taking BCPs and prenatals, my life is just the same as when I am not cycling. I am finding this normalcy quite calming. So I decided to finally write the story of how Joey and I met. (Yes, J = Joey. She said that she is comfortable with me using her name now.)

I know it is trite but the way Joey and I met was through an online dating site. Joey had just moved to a new city to begin her PhD program. She was looking to meet new people and she did not have much free time to spend in bars and such. I lived in a small town and I was quite entrenched in the lesbian community. As happens with small towns, the dating scene had become too incestuous for my comfort. It got to the point where every new woman I dated was an ex of this close friend or that close friend and then having parties got complicated because inevitably Jane doesn’t like Dylan and Dylan cannot be in the same room as Wendy, etc. I wanted a woman from well-outside the circle of crazy.

Joey had an online profile with a picture. She was wearing little John Lennon glasses, uber lesbian chic clothes and a mischievous grin. Her profile was also laugh out loud funny. She talked about lots of things but what I recall is that she wanted someone who could find her bad spelling charming and who could see the unintentional humor in many of the profiles on the site. Witty, stylish and confident? Sign me up! I spent about 2 hours crafting the perfect email introduction… just a few lines but constructed for maximum benefit. She responded and I was so excited. We emailed back and forth a few times, talking about life, our careers and funny tidbits. Then one day, I mentioned The Princess Bride. Bam! Joey’s next email ended with a telephone number and a good time to call. She told me when we spoke that anyone who loved the Princess Bride couldn’t be too scary. We talked on the phone for hours on end, every day for about 2 weeks in addition to continued emailing. The conversations were intoxicating. I had not connected with anyone so completely and I kept telling myself not to get too excited (I knew that a telephone persona could be quite different from real life). We decided to meet but we both agreed that we would only meet as friends.

Joey drove down to meet me on a Saturday. I was giddy with excitement. When she got to my town, she called and I directed her to my apartment complex. My apartment was far from the road. I stood on my little porch and watched her walk toward my door. I was hooked. She was hot! I got nervous and felt goofy hanging out on the porch. I went back into my apartment which Joey found hilarious. She could clearly see how wigged out I was (in a good way). Thankfully I was cool enough to not come on too strong, which would have made her head for the hills. I took Joey to a birthday party where we were making pottery. I had not told any of my friends about Joey and they were all intrigued. They were convinced that Joey and I had been secretly dating. Joey and I had fun with keeping them confused. We made a plate together, sitting close enough that we had to touch accidentally. We laughed a lot and somewhere in the middle of the party, Joey put her hand on my leg. Every little touch was electric and I was able to maintain my composure only with great effort. We joked that we were making our “love plate” and we would eat our wedding cake off the plate. Then I took her to a bar to watch some of my friends play music. There we held hands and she often kept her hand in the small of my back. I knew that I wanted to be so much more than friends.

We ended the evening late and Joey said that she was going to drive home that night. I convinced her that it was dangerous to drive so far when she was tired. She agreed to stay the night. Conveniently, my couch was super uncomfortable and I only had one bed. She felt a bit awkward about sleeping together. I told her that I slept with all my friends (the double entendre was intentional) then with my best sexy confidence I promised not to attack her, unless she wanted me to. I gave her a t-shirt and boxers to sleep in. Joey had an insurance policy to make certain that she would behave herself that night: she didn’t shave her legs. That did not work as well as she planned. I said goodnight and turned toward the wall. My lack of aggression intrigued Joey and she snuggled up behind me. Of course we didn’t go right to sleep *smile* but we also stayed clothed….. the next night was another story.

From here our story gets pretty lesbian average. We talked on the phone for hours and we spent every weekend together. We were together every moment we could find and within the month we were clearly in love. Six months later I left my town and my state to move in with Joey. Truthfully, I think I fell in love from the moment we met. Six years later, I remain in a bit of disbelief that we met and that I get to be with the person who is perfect for me. I still find her witty, stylish and sexy.



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18 responses to “How we met

  1. Malea

    Awww….how cute.Online dating actually worked for someone.Cool beans!

  2. Danielle

    Great Story! I love it!

  3. anofferingoflove

    i finished reading and let out a big "awww…"! what a sweet story you two have! 🙂

  4. Dagny

    Awww.thanks for sharing that. :)xoxo

  5. Mina

    That was so sweet! I love reading these stories, thanks for sharing!

  6. Best When Used By

    I love this story! Romantic and unintended. Do you still absolutely treasure the plate you made together on your first date? And I particularly like the way you wrote the story, because it is obvious that you are still so incredibly smitten. Each sentence lovingly written. Thank you for sharing.

  7. poppycat

    Smile and sigh. What a perfect story and told so well. Very titilating too you adorable girls you. I love the hand on the small of your back. That would have sent me over the edge! So did you eat your wedding cake off the plate???Adorable. Oh and the small city lesbian drama? I don't miss that at all!

  8. Baby Mama, Too

    Awesome story, absolutely love it!

  9. Lizzie

    Great story! So sweet (and stylish and witty). xo

  10. Meredith

    Your story left me grinning from ear to ear! I can totally relate to spending 2 hours composing a short and catchy email.(And the Princess Bride is THE BEST!)

  11. wheresmy2lines

    That is an adorable story! Very cute.

  12. tbean

    love this story! Thanks for sharing!

  13. insertmetaphor

    Awww! I loved reading your story, it's so sweet. I love the exhilarating first few touches with someone new (it might be the only thing I miss about single life) and I could totally feel the excitement from your description of the pottery place.

  14. Bean stalk ballads

    Hi Cindy… love it. I too met my girl on the internet and 8 years later we are still going strong… and I can really relate to the whole " I am SO into you but playing cool" which lasts about 5 minutes. "No more rhyming.. I mean it…""Anybody want a peanut?"

  15. Lara (NoodleGirl)

    What a great story! DH and I were on the way out when I started reading it and I told him he'd just need to wait! Hooray for online dating in a small town!Oh, and I have an award for you at my blog!

  16. thebao

    Gah! I am tearing up over here. What a fantastic story! I was grinning ear-to-ear reading it.

  17. tireegal68

    Such a great story! How cute you gals are! The whole jelly legged love struck feeling really came out! Sweet!

  18. C.I.W.

    what a perfect love story!!! I got little flutters in me tummers… yeah. I said that. That is just how cute that story was 🙂 And you have fun pottery makin' song singin' friends.. FUN!!!

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